State Cheer Competition

2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)
Routine Intensity at 2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)
Excitement at 2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)
Action at 2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)
Precision at 2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)

General Information

     Each team must be registered and pay competition fee no later than Nov. 11, 2016. No exceptions.
     The competition will follow the National Federation Spirit Rules and Regulations, which may differ from other regional or national competitions. The routine can be 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length with a maximum of one minute and 30 seconds of music allowed.  Glitter of any kind may NOT be worn on a participant’s face or uniform.

     The competition floor will be 54 feet wide x 42 feet deep. Strips (9) will run from back to front
     The tentative schedule will be in alphabetical order by school name in each class or division.

     Spectator admission is $10. Two sponsors/advisors from each team will be admitted free.
     Fees are $20 per participant for the traditional routine competitors and $10 per participant per division for Game Time competitors.

      NO video cameras will be allowed in the facility.

     Videos of the competition may be purchased at the competition.
     Team IP will be on site selling the official 2016 AHSAA state cheerleading competition tee shirt.

     Each participant must have a signed medical release form to participate.  Sponsors will turn these in at check-in for the event
     Any male participants on a Varsity squad will classify that squad as a coed squad.
The junior high division is for squads who are the official junior high cheerleading squads
     In the Junior Classic, there are 2 divisions for non building squads, junior high and junior varsity.  We reserve the right to combine any divisions based on participant entry.

    Again this season Game Time competitions in 3 categories will be offered.
    Using a second panel of judges will allow two classes to be run at the same time.  This will decrease the down time between squads that is needed for the judges to adequately score and comment.
Concessions will be available.

2016 Point Deductions

Improper uniform: 50 points per squad off of final score
For tops of uniforms, NHFS ruling states “when standing at attention, apparel must cover the midriff.”

Blatant rule violation: 50 points per violation off of final score
(back flipping basket, double twisting tumbling pass, etc.)

Frequent Rule violation25 points per violation off of final score

--Must follow NFHS spirit booklet guidelines-Common Rule Violations- All are illegal

--Glitter and long finger nails.

--Free standing tic toc stunts.

--Tumbling with pom pons.

--All coed stunts above shoulder level must have a spotter. 
--A spotter is required for single base shoulder level stunts in which the feet of the top person are in the 
   hand(s) of the base.
--In single-based extended stunts, the spotter may not support under the heel or sole of the top person's foot. They may hold at the ankle of the top person and/or the wrist of the base or any combination thereof.

Overtime of routine/music: 5 points per squad off of final score

(The routine can be 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length with a maximum of one minute and 30 seconds of music allowed.)

Boundary Violation
5 points per violation off of final score

(Stepping off of the mat is considered out-of-bounds.)

2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)
2014 State Cheer Competition at Wallace State (Photo by Tom Ewart)
Excitement at 2014 State Cheer Competition (Photo by Tom Ewart)
Competition Schedule For 2015

      The AHSAA State Cheer Competition is scheduled Nov. 19 at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, AL. The AHSAA is proud to be working with Varsity Spirit Brands to conduct a non-biased, professionally-administered event.
     The competition is open to any AHSAA member school. The AHSAA will be working closely with VSB to assure that the judging panels will be representative of all entities of the cheerleading industry. All teams must be registered no later than Nov. 11.
      Varsity squads will compete in the following nine divisions:1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, non-building and coed. The event will also be hosting the Alabama Junior Classic with divisions for junior high, freshman, junior varsity, non-building junior high and non-building junior varsity teams. 

Game Time competitions has three divisions (1:15 time limit
      for each one)
1.  Sideline Cheerleading - Showcase your best sideline
     crowd-leading material!  Megaphones, signs and flags
     are encouraged. Stunts and tumbling may be incorporated.
2.  Fight Song - Perform your traditional school fight song!
     Stunts and tumbling skills may be
3.  Time Out Dance - Same Rules and time limit as the Home
     Dance from UCA summer camp with 1:15 max time.

Check-in times and approximate competition times are listed below. The entire team does not have to be present for a coach or advisor to check-in. Performance times for Game Time divisions are TBA.

Schedule (Nov. 19)

8 a.m.  Check-in for all-girl Varsity teams (1A, 2A, 3A)
10 a.m. Check-in for all-girl Varsity teams (4A, 5A, 6A)

11 a.m. Check-in for all-girl Varsity teams (7A, non-building
             and coed) 

9 a.m. State Cheer Competition Begins

           (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, non-building and coed)

1 p.m. Check-in for all Junior Classic teams

2 p.m. Alabama Junior Classic Begins

           (Junior high, freshman, junior varsity, non-building
             junior high and non-building junior varsity)

      To register, click on Score sheets for the AHSAA State Competition differ slightly from the UCA/NCA regional and national sheet. Mail checks (payable to Universal Cheerleaders Association) for fees to UCA, 6745 Lenox Center Court, Suite 300, Memphis, TN 38115. Pre-registration, including the total fee, most be completed by Nov. 11, 2016. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Direct any registration or competition questions to Brad Jones at 877-751-0106 or Do not contact Wallace State.


2015: 4 Varsity Champs Repeat


         Meek (1A), Fyffe (2A), Boaz (5A) and Sparkman (Coed) repeated as varsity division winners in the AHSAA State Cheer Competition Nov. 15 at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.

         Other high school varsity squad winners were Winfield (3A), Sardis (4A), Arab (6A), James Clemens (7A) and Austin (Non-building). Bob Jones captured the high school junior varsity title.
         Middle School winners were Hewitt-Trussville Middle (large), Liberty Middle (medium) and Discovery Middle (small).

         A total of 1,383 cheerleaders from 89 teams participated in the 19th annual event administered by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Some participants performed more than one time.

         Other categories of competition included Time South Cheer, Time Out Dance and High School Fight Song.


Winners, Runners-up

Class 1A—Meek (winner), Gaylesville (runner-up)

Class 2A—Fyffe (winner), Zion Chapel (runner-up)

Class 3A—Winfield (winner), Opp (runner-up)

Class 4A—Sardis (winner), North Jackson (runner-up)

Class 5A—Boaz (winner), Pleasant Grove (runner-up)

Class 6A—Arab (winner), Pinson Valley (runner-up) 
Class 7A—James Clemens (winner), Bob Jones (runner-up)

Coed—Sparkman (winner), Thompson (runner-up)
Non-Building—Austin (winner)

Game Time Results

High School Time Out Cheer – 1. Curry, 2. Florence, 3. West Blocton

High School Time Out Dance – 1. West Blocton, 2. Curry, 3. Brewbaker Tech
High School Fight Song – 1. Florence, 2. Curry, 3. Haleyville

1. Bob Jones High, 2. Oxford  High, 3. Sparkman High

Game Time Results
JV Time Cheer – 1. Muscle Shoals High


Small Junior High —1.  Discovery Middle, 2. Liberty Park Middle, 3. Meridianville
Medium Junior High —1. Liberty Middle, 2. Maddox Middle, 3. Spanish Fort Middle
Large Junior High —1. Hewitt-Trussville Middle, 2. Hokes Bluff Middle, 3. Echols
                                Middle, 3. Centre

Game Time Results

Junior High Time Out Dance – 1. Pleasant Grove Middle 2. Jemison 3. ValleyJH

Junior High Time Out Cheer – 1. Muscle Shoals Middle, 3. Pleasant Grove 3.
                                                Valley JH