Wrestling Weight Certification 2018-19 Dates


Summer Dates-

July 11th at Encore Office in Falkville  at 6:00pm

July 12th at Gulf Shores High School at 3:00pm

July 25th at Birmingham location at 6:00pm-location TBA

July 28th at Montgomery St. James at 10:00am

October 20th Fultondale High School at 9:00am

                          Bob Jones High School at 9:00am

October 27th Hewitt Trussville High School at 9:00am

                          Auburn High School at 9:00am

                          Spanish Fort High School-time TBA

November 3rd Hoover High School at 9:00am

                             Decatur High School at 9:00am

November 10th Montgomery St James at 9:00am

                                Fairhope High School

November 17th Birmingham location TBA


Make Up Dates

November 28th Decatur High School-time TBA

December 8th-Birmingham location-TBA

December 15th-Montgomery Encore Clinic-Time TBA

                                Spanish Fort High School-Time TBA

December 29th-Encore Birmingham Clinic-Time TBA

January 9th-Encore Falkville Office-Time TBA


Pre-scheduled time slots will be used at all of the locations listed above.  A coach must contact Bridgett Henderson of Encore Rehabilitation Corp. (256) 784-5600 or (256) 606-1222 prior to 8:00 p.m. to schedule a time slot for your team.  The complete team and Coach shall arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot in order to register.  The Coach must bring a complete listing of the athletes names along with the complete payment for the team’s processing fees.

Weight Management Information:

2016-17 Minimum Weight Management  Program 

BIA measurements (including all appeals) must be conducted on or after July 25th of this year and must be completed by January 8, 2016.  All eligible athletes or those becoming eligible at the semester break must meet this requirement.  The student’s wrestling coach or an assistant wrestling coach must be present for each wrestlers testing.  If one or more wrestlers from a school show up at a designated site without the coach being present, they will be denied the opportunity to test at that time.


The controlled weight loss starting date (“Alpha date”) will be Saturday, October 17th. (The first practice date is November 2nd).  A two-pound growth allowance shall be added to each weight class after December 25th. The weight classes remain the same for the purposes of the weight management program.  All member schools will be assessed a fee of $30.00 payable to the NWCA in advance.  In addition, $20.00 per student-athlete will be assessed and made payable to Encore Rehabilitation Corporation in advance to help offset their costs.  If a student athlete fails the hydration test, only a $10 charge will be assessed for a retest.  If you need to contact the NWCA for any reason, the phone number is 717-653-8009.  If you need to contact Encore for any reason, the number is 256-784-5600 ask for Bridget Henderson.

Age Rule - A high school student who has reached his/her 19th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible. Any junior high (ninth grade) student who has reached his/her 16th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible. Any middle school student who has reached his/her 15th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible.

Rules Updates & Clarifications
 Artificial Limbs: The AHSAA authorizes the use of artificial limbs which, in the opinion of the Referee assigned to the match, are no more dangerous to competitors than the corresponding human limb and do not place an opponent at a disadvantage.  Eyeglasses: It is not recommended for wrestlers to wear eyeglasses during a match. However, a wrestler may wear eyeglasses during a match if that wrestler also wears protective eyewear or a face mask that covers the eyeglasses. The recommended type of eyewear to be worn is a product called RecSpecs, which must be form-fitting to the face and secured.




Alvin Briggs - Director


2018-19 Season

Quick Dates, Facts

VARSITY (2018-19)
Contests Allowed: 14 Dates
             Plus Tournaments
Sept. 14--Schedules Due
Oct. 29--First Practice

Nov. 15--First Contest

Jan. 17-26--Duals Tournament


2019 Playoffs
Feb. 8-9--Super Section Tournaments
(Birmingham & Montgomery)
Feb. 14-16--State Tournament (Huntsville)
Contests Allowed: 8 Dates 
             Plus Tournaments
Oct. 22--First Practice
Nov. 8--First Contest
Feb. 7--End of Season




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