Red Bay's Roberts Notches 800th Career Victory


                                                           By KEITH LETBETTER
                                              Red Bay News (Special to the AHSAA)

    Red Bay High School girls coach Donnie Roberts notched the 800th win of his long prep basketball coaching career Jan. 25 as the Lady Tigers beat Colbert Heights 64-37. The Lady Tigers improved to 22-2 this season with the win.
    Roberts, who has compiled an 800-346 overall record in his 41-year coaching career, is now the state’s career wins leader for girls basketball and the first in state history to win 800 games.  He will be inducted into the Alabama High School Athletic Association Sports Hall of Fame in March as a member of the Class of 2014.

   “It’s not about me,” he said. “It’s about how fortunate my career has been at Red Bay and the 10 years Icoached at Tremont (Ms.). All I can do is thank the kids that played for me. They had a lot more to do with it than Idid.

   After earning a Master’s Degree from Mississippi State University, he returned to his alma mater, Tremont High School just across the state line from Red Bay and compiled a 142-127 record in the next 10 seasons. Roberts moved to Red Bay in 1983 and began working on the goal of making that first trip to Birmingham for the state playoffs.
    “I came here and took over a team that was 9-11 the year before. We had a real good year that first year and we went 19-5,” Roberts said.

    Roberts, who owns a 658-219 girls coaching record at Red Bay, led the Lady Tigers to state championships in 1987, 1993, 2001 and most recently directed Red Bay to the 2012 Class 2A state finals, a 54-49 loss to Section. Last year Roberts’ team won the Northwest Regional again and lost in the Final 48 semifinals.
     “It takes a combination of things to have a state championship program. It does take coaching, but it also takes pride in our program from our girls.”

      Roberts said that it also takes the involvement of the community.

“Everybody here is involved in it,”said Roberts. They back us and support us. The community likes to see us do well.

      Roberts said that over the years some of the best memories he has is that of having the opportunity to coach both of his daughters, Laura Beth and Leah.

“I think it’s rare to have coached two daughters and to have those two daughters on two different teams win state championships. I can tell you it’s a great experience.”

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Golf Past State Champions - Boys

2013--6A-Spain Park; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Guntersville; 3A-Bayside Academy; 1A-2A-St. Luke's
6A-Spain Park; 5A-Fort Payne; 4A-Oneonta; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Providence Christian

—6A-Mountain Brook; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Shoals
2010—6A-Spain Park; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Shoals Christian
2009—6A-Spain Park; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Cottage Hill; 1A-2A-Shoals Christian
2008—6A-Spain Park; 5A-UMS-Wright; 4A-Boaz; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Shoals Christian
2007—6A-Auburn; 5A-Briarwood; 4A-Boaz; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-(co-champions)
Donoho, Houston Academy
2006—6A-Auburn; 5A-Briarwood; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Donoho
2005—6A-Auburn; 5A-Oxford; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2004—6A-Auburn; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2003—6A-Hoover; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2002—6A-Decatur; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Gulf Shores; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2001 —6A-Hoover; 5A-St. Paul’s; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Gulf Shores; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2000—6A-Hoover; 5A-Bradshaw; 4A-Brooks; 3A-UMS-Wright; 1A-2A-Mars Hill Bible
1999 —6A-Hoover; 5A-Bradshaw; 4A-St. Paul’s; 3A-UMS-Wright; 1A-2A-Donoho
1998—6A-Benjamin Russell; 5A-Fort Payne; 4A-Deshler; 3A-UMS-Wright; 1A-2A-Leroy
1997—6A-Mountain Brook; 5A-Deshler; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright
1996—6A-Enterprise; 5A-Fort Payne; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright
1995--6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Athens; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright
1994--6A-Vestavia Hills; 5A-Fort Payne; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright
1991--Vestavia Hills
1984--Walker (sudden death playoff)
1983--UMS Prep
1980--UMS Prep
1978--Jeff Davis
1975--Mountain Brook
1973--Mountain Brook
1971--University Military School (playoff)
1970--Sidney Lanier
1967--A.G. Parrish (Selma)
1964 -Lee-Montgomery
1957--Shades Valley
1952--Sidney Lanier
1950--A. G. Parrish (Selma) & Tuscaloosa, co-champions
1949--A. G. Parrish (Selma)

6A-Connor Smith, Spain Park, 137
5A-Robby Shelton, St. Paul's, 133
4A-Reagan Harrell, Guntersville and Cody O'Toole, Oneonta, 145
3A-Brooks Rabren, Straughn, 140
1A-2A-Wesley Hunter, St. Luke's, 141
6A-Will Cannon, Hoover and Alex Green, Fairhope, 140
5A-Robby Shelton, St. Paul's, 140
4A-Vince Cave, UMS-Wright, 147
3A-William Sellers, Montgomery Academy, 139 (shot state tournament record round 64 on final day)
1A-2A-Ryan Benton, Providence Christian, 143
6A-Tom Lovelady, Mountain Brook, 142
5A-J.M. O'Toole, Pinson Valley, 141
4A-Zach Wessinger, UMS-Wright, 148
3A-William Sellers, Montgomery Academy, 107 (27 holes)
1A-2A-Michael Peter, Shoals Christian, 142

6A-Michael Johnson, Spain Park, 135
5A-Robby Shelton, St. Paul's, 136
4A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright, 142
3A-(tie) Michael Zierdt, Pope John Paul II and William Sellers, Montgomery Academy, 144
1A-2A-Ben Wood, Shoals Christian, 141

6A-Robby Prater, Spain Park, 144 (sudden death playoff)
5A-Thomas Looney, St. Paul's, 141
4A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright, 142
3A-Andrew Bergoon, Cottage Hill, 138
1A-2A-William Catanzaro, Westbrook Christian, 144 (sudden death playoff)
6A-Tom Lovelady, Mountain Brook, 140
5A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright, 140
4A-Mason Rodgers, Boaz, 141
3A-Ben Marcum, Montgomery Academy, 143
1A-2A-Michael Peter, Shoals Christian, 144

6A-Michael Ulmer, Fairhope, 144
5A-Rosson Anderson, Briarwood Christian, 137
4A-Mark Hudgins, Boaz, 152
3A-Reid Merritt, Slocomb, 148
1A-2A-Patrick Davis, Bayside Academy, 144

6A-Trey Del Greco, Spain Park, 145
5A-Rosson Anderson, Briarwood, 150
4A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright,150
3A-Hunter Hamrick, Montgomery Academy, 147
1A-2A-Kyle Pressley, Falkville, 147

6A-Lowery Thomas, Auburn, 143
5A-Hunter Watts, Fort Payne, 150
4A-Matthew Swan, Trinity, 142
3A-Hunter Hamrick, Montgomery Academy, 145
1A-2A-Glenn Northcutt, Houston Academy, 137

6A-John Oswalt, Auburn, 138
5A-Gator Todd, Coffee, 135
4A-Matthew Swan, Trinity, 140
3A-(co-champion) Hunter Hamrick, Montgomery Academy, & Tim Jackson, Elba, 154
1A-2A-Kyle Pressley, Falkville, 140

6A-Patton Kizzire, Central-Tuscaloosa, 146 (defeated Brett Willis, Prattville, in playoff)
5A-Mark Ogren, St. Paul's, 146 (defeated Chris Wells, St. Paul's, in playoff)
4A-Joseph Sykora, UMS-Wright, 142
3A-Clint Calvert, Montgomery Academy, 149
1A-2A-Matt McNutt, Houston Academy, 147

6A-Michael Daniels, Decatur, 148
5A-Andrew Medley, Athens, 142
4A-Daniel Creel, Brooks, 136
3A-Brandon Ellis, Gulf Shores, 150
1A-2A-Alan Allgood, Mars Hill, 144

6A-Lance Goodson, Hoover, 141
5A-Mark Donnell, St. Paul ’s, 135
4A-Blake Mozley, Douglas, 140
3A-Brandon Ellis, Gulf Shores, 143
1A-2A-Glenn Northcutt, Houston Academy, 145

6A-Lee Williams, Benjamin Russell, 138
5A-Mat Moses, Fort Payne, 157
4A-Tommy Casey, Geneva, 144
3A-Jonathan Henderson, Falkville, 147
1A-2A-Jon McAlpin, Mars Hill Bible 143


6A-Shanes Barnes, Northview (145 (36 holes)

5A-Matt Hudgins, Bob Jones, 139 (36 holes)
1A-4A--Cullen Thompson, UMS-Wright 142 (36 holes)

6A-Wayne Warren, Vestavia Hills, 106 (27 holes)
5A-Scott Weatherly, Fort Payne, 103 (27 holes)
1A-4A-Brian Wright, UMS-Wright, 103 (27 holes)
1993-Cullen Thompson, UMS-Wright, 140 (36 holes)
1992-Brian Wright, UMS-Wright, 139 (36 holes)
1991-Cameron Thompson, Baker, 69 (shortened by weather to 18 holes)
1990-Jason Brown, Decatur, 141 (36 holes)
1989-Brian Gay, Daleville, 140 (36 holes)
1988-Jimmy Green, Alba, 144 (36 holes)
1987-Daryl Sager, Jeff Davis, 142 (36 holes)
1986-Spike McRoy, Grissom, 146 (36 holes)
1985-Kenny Miller, Grissom, 136 (36 holes)
1984-Todd Lee, Walker, 146 (36 holes)
1983-Doug McLeod, UMS Prep, 141 (36 holes)
1982-T. J. Jackson, Davidson, 148 (36 holes)
1981-T. J. Jackson, Davidson, 139 (36 holes)
1980-Dick Hogan, UMS 246 (54 holes)
1979-Bill Anthony, Andalusia, 140 (36 holes)
1978-Bill Anthony, Andalusia, 141 (36 holes)
1977-Cary Wharton, Tuscaloosa, 144 (36 holes)
1976-Jeff Carlisle, Banks, 151 (36 holes, sudden death playoff)
1975-Allan Ritchie, Mountain Brook, 135 (36 holes)
1974-Bud Smith, Shades Valley, 135 (36 holes)
1973-Buddy Gardner, Robert E. Lee, 111 (27 holes)
1972-John Coker, Gadsden, 110 (27 holes, playoff)
1971-John Coker, Gadsden, 107 (27 holes)
1970-Bob Dumas, Auburn, 107 (27 holes)
1969-Bob Dumas, Auburn 110 (27 holes)
1968-Richard McKean, McGill, 110 (27 holes)
1967-Bill Brunson, Enterprise, 107 (27 holes, playoff)
1966 -Pat Hardegree, Lee-Montgomery, 108 (27 holes, playoff)
Medalist: Billy McDonald, Shades Valley, 71
1965-John Sale, W.S. Neal, 105 (27 holes)

Medalist: Alex Grant, Walker County, 70
1964-Richard Anthony, Andalusia, 219 (54 holes)

Medalist: Richard Anthony, Andalusia , 71 (defeated Ed Brown, Lee-Montgomery, in playoff)
1963 -Rock Weinard, Lee-Montgomery, 222 (54 holes)

Medalist: Hubert Green, Shades Valley , 75 (defeated Ed Brown, Lee-Montgomery, in playoff)
1962-Richard Anthony, Andalusia, 213 (54 holes)

Medalist: Hubert Green, Shades Valley, 69
1961-Ken Montiel, Murphy, 212 (54 holes)

Medalist: Rudy Green, University Military School, 69
1960-John Lamey, University Military School, 218 (54 holes)

Medalist: Sidney Knight, Murphy, 68
1959-Phil Fisher, Sidney Lanier, 218 (54 holes)

Medalist: Phil Fisher, Sidney Lanier, 72 (defeated Fred Blackmon, Anniston, in playoff)
1958-Robert Burch, McGill (54 holes)

Medalist: Paul Burkhalter, McGill, 72 (defeated Larry Campbell, Gadsden, in playoff)
1957-Frost Walker, Shades Valley (54 holes)

Medalist: Frost Walker, Shades Valley 67
1956-Dick Ball, Sidney Lanier (54 holes)

Medalist: Steward Thames, Murphy, 69
1955-Dick Pride, Tuscaloosa (54 holes)

Medalist: Dick Pride, Tuscaloosa, 73, (defeated Mike Gregory, Dothan, in playoff.)
1954-Billy Shelton, Anniston (54 holes)

Medalist: Billy Shelton, Anniston, 70
1953-Frank (Sonny) Holt, A.G. Parrish (Selma) (54 holes)

Medalist: Jackie Maness, Tuscaloosa, 70, (defeated Bill McLean, Murphy, and Andy Burch, McGill, in
1952-Bill Crutcher, A.G. Parrish (Selma) (54 holes)

Medalist: Webster (Buddy) Manderson, Tuscaloosa, 71
1951-Jackie Maness, Tuscaloosa (54 holes)

Medalist: Jackie Maness, Tuscaloosa, 72
1950-J. C. Gustin, Woodlawn (54 holes)

Medalist: J. C. Gustin, 69
1949-Charles Rackley, Dothan (defeated Julian Strassburger, 2 and 1, in final round)

Medalist: Julian Strassburger, Sidney Lanier, 74