Golf Past State Champions - Boys

2019-7A-Mountain Brook; 6A-Muscle Shoals; 5A-UMS-Wright; 4A-Brooks; 3A-Houston Academy;
         1A-2A-North Sand Mountain
2018-7A-Mountain Brook; 6A-Muscle Shoals; 5A-St. Paul's Episcopal; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Houston
         Academy; 1A-2A-Donoho
2017-7A-Mountain Brook; 6A-Muscle Shoals; 5A-St. Paul's Episcopal; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Providence
         Christian; 1A-2A-Westbrook Christian
2016--7A-Spain Park; 6A-Homewood; 5A-St. Paul's Episcopal; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Westbrook
          Christian; 1A-2A--Providence Christian
2015--7A-Mountain Brook; 6A-Hartselle; 5A-Russellville; 4A-St. James; 3A-Westbrook Christian;
         1A-2A--St. Luke's
2014--6A-Spain Park; 5A-Spanish Fort; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Bayside Academy; 1A-2A-Providence
2013--6A-Spain Park; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Guntersville; 3A-Bayside Academy; 1A-2A-St. Luke's
2012--6A-Spain Park; 5A-Fort Payne; 4A-Oneonta; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Providence
2011—6A-Mountain Brook; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Shoals

2010—6A-Spain Park; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Shoals
2009—6A-Spain Park; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Cottage Hill; 1A-2A-Shoals Christian
2008—6A-Spain Park; 5A-UMS-Wright; 4A-Boaz; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Shoals Christian
2007—6A-Auburn; 5A-Briarwood; 4A-Boaz; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-(co-champions) Donoho,
          Houston Academy
2006—6A-Auburn; 5A-Briarwood; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Donoho

2005—6A-Auburn; 5A-Oxford; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2004—6A-Auburn; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2003—6A-Hoover; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2002—6A-Decatur; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Gulf Shores; 1A-2A-Houston Academy
2001—6A-Hoover; 5A-St. Paul’s; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Gulf Shores; 1A-2A-Houston Academy

2000—6A-Hoover; 5A-Bradshaw; 4A-Brooks; 3A-UMS-Wright; 1A-2A-Mars Hill Bible
1999—6A-Hoover; 5A-Bradshaw; 4A-St. Paul’s; 3A-UMS-Wright; 1A-2A-Donoho
1998—6A-Benjamin Russell; 5A-Fort Payne; 4A-Deshler; 3A-UMS-Wright; 1A-2A-Leroy
1997—6A-Mountain Brook; 5A-Deshler; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright
1996—6A-Enterprise; 5A-Fort Payne; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright

1995--6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Athens; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright
1994--6A-Vestavia Hills; 5A-Fort Payne; 1A-4A-UMS-Wright

1991--Vestavia Hills


1984--Walker (sudden death playoff)
1983--UMS Prep

1980--UMS Prep
1978--Jeff Davis

1975--Mountain Brook
1973--Mountain Brook
1971--University Military School (playoff)

1970--Sidney Lanier
1967--A.G. Parrish (Selma)


1957--Shades Valley

1952--Sidney Lanier

1950--A. G. Parrish (Selma) & Tuscaloosa, co-champions
1949--A. G. Parrish (Selma)

7A-Austin Coggin, Vestavia Hills, 139
6A-Harrison Davis, Fort Payne, 143
5A-JP Cave, UMS-Wright, 147
4A-Thomas Ponder, Providence Christian, 133
3A-Hal Dove, Houston Academy, 142
1A-2A-Jacob LeCroy, Donoho, 146

7A-William Wann and Gordon Sargent, Mountain Brook, 133
6A-Thomas Regan, Muscle Shoals, 136
5A-Justin Olive, Brooks, 138
4A-Cole Davidson, Oneonta, 136
3A-Thomas Ponder, Providence Christian, 139
1A/2A-Jacob Lecroy, Donoho, 139

7A-Ford Clegg, Mountain Brook, 142
6A-(tie) Thomas Regan, Muscle Shoals and Luke Shaw, Northridge, 142
5A-Will McFadden, St. Paul's Episcopal, 146
4A-J.P. Cave, UMS-Wright, 139
3A-Thomas Ponder, Providence Christian, 138
1A/2A-John Hilliard Catanzaro, Westbrook Christian, 135

7A-Austin Coggin, Vestavia Hills, 140
6A-Charles Wood, Spanish Fort, and Matt Lorenz, Gulf Shores, 142
5A-Garrett Johnson, Mortimer Jordan, 136
4A-Andrew Graves, White Plains, and Layton Bussey, White Plains, 145
3A-John Catanzaro, Westbrook Christian141
1A/2A-Ike Alexander, Mars Hill Bible, 138

7A-Patrick Martin, Spain Park, 133
6A-William Walker, Northridge, 139
5A-Reagan Harrell, Guntersville, 142
Brooks Rabren, Straughn, 133
3A-William Buhl, Bayside Academy, 138
1A/2A-John Hamn, Decatur Heritage, 142

6A-Steven Setterstrom, McGill-Toolen, 136
5A-Zac McCurdy, Ft. Payne, 143
4A-Lee Hodges, Ardmore, 144
3A-William Buhl, Bayside Academy, 140
1A/2A-Calum Masters, Providence Christian, 136

6A-Connor Smith, Spain Park, 137
5A-Robby Shelton, St. Paul's, 133
4A-Reagan Harrell, Guntersville and Cody O'Toole, Oneonta, 145
3A-Brooks Rabren, Straughn, 140
1A/2A-Wesley Hunter, St. Luke's, 141

6A-Will Cannon, Hoover and Alex Green, Fairhope, 140
5A-Robby Shelton, St. Paul's, 140
4A-Vince Cave, UMS-Wright, 147
3A-William Sellers, Montgomery Academy, 139 (shot state tournament record round 64 on final day)
1A/2A-Ryan Benton, Providence Christian, 143

6A-Tom Lovelady, Mountain Brook, 142
5A-J.M. O'Toole, Pinson Valley, 141
4A-Zach Wessinger, UMS-Wright, 148
3A-William Sellers, Montgomery Academy, 107 (27 holes)
1A/2A-Michael Peter, Shoals Christian, 142

6A-Michael Johnson, Spain Park, 135
5A-Robby Shelton, St. Paul's, 136
4A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright, 142
3A-(tie) Michael Zierdt, Pope John Paul II and William Sellers, Montgomery Academy, 144
1A/2A-Ben Wood, Shoals Christian, 141

6A-Robby Prater, Spain Park, 144 (sudden death playoff)
5A-Thomas Looney, St. Paul's, 141
4A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright, 142
3A-Andrew Bergoon, Cottage Hill, 138
1A/2A-William Catanzaro, Westbrook Christian, 144 (sudden death playoff)

6A-Tom Lovelady, Mountain Brook, 140
5A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright, 140
4A-Mason Rodgers, Boaz, 141
3A-Ben Marcum, Montgomery Academy, 143
1A/2A-Michael Peter, Shoals Christian, 144

6A-Michael Ulmer, Fairhope, 144
5A-Rosson Anderson, Briarwood Christian, 137
4A-Mark Hudgins, Boaz, 152
3A-Reid Merritt, Slocomb, 148
1A/2A-Patrick Davis, Bayside Academy, 144

6A-Trey Del Greco, Spain Park, 145
5A-Rosson Anderson, Briarwood, 150
4A-Bobby Wyatt, UMS-Wright,150
3A-Hunter Hamrick, Montgomery Academy, 147
1A/2A-Kyle Pressley, Falkville, 147

6A-Lowery Thomas, Auburn, 143
5A-Hunter Slatton, Northridge, 149
4A-Matthew Swan, Trinity, 142
3A-Hunter Hamrick, Montgomery Academy, 145
1A/2A-Glenn Northcutt, Houston Academy, 137

6A-John Oswalt, Auburn, 138
5A-Gator Todd, Coffee, 135
4A-Matthew Swan, Trinity, 140
3A-(tie) Hunter Hamrick, Montgomery Academy, & Tim Jackson, Elba, 154
1A/2A-Kyle Pressley, Falkville, 140

6A-Patton Kizzire, Central-Tuscaloosa, 146 (defeated Brett Willis, Prattville, in playoff)
5A-Mark Ogren, St. Paul's, 146 (defeated Chris Wells, St. Paul's, in playoff)
4A-Joseph Sykora, UMS-Wright, 142
3A-Clint Calvert, Montgomery Academy, 149
1A/2A-Matt McNutt, Houston Academy, 147

6A-Michael Daniels, Decatur, 148
5A-Andrew Medley, Athens, 142
4A-Daniel Creel, Brooks, 136
3A-Brandon Ellis, Gulf Shores, 150
1A/2A-Alan Allgood, Mars Hill, 144

6A-Lance Goodson, Hoover, 141
5A-Mark Donnell, St. Paul ’s, 135
4A-Blake Mozley, Douglas, 140
3A-Brandon Ellis, Gulf Shores, 143
1A/2A-Glenn Northcutt, Houston Academy, 145

6A-Lee Williams, Benjamin Russell, 138
5A-Mat Moses, Fort Payne, 157
4A-Tommy Casey, Geneva, 144
3A-Jonathan Henderson, Falkville, 147
1A/2A-Jon McAlpin, Mars Hill Bible 143

6A-Shanes Barnes, Northview (145 (36 holes)
5A-Matt Hudgins, Bob Jones, 139 (36 holes)
1A/4A--Cullen Thompson, UMS-Wright 142 (36 holes)

6A-Wayne Warren, Vestavia Hills, 106 (27 holes)
5A-Scott Weatherly, Fort Payne, 103 (27 holes)
1A/4A-Brian Wright, UMS-Wright, 103 (27 holes)

1993-Cullen Thompson, UMS-Wright, 140 (36 holes)
1992-Brian Wright, UMS-Wright, 139 (36 holes)
1991-Cameron Thompson, Baker, 69 (shortened by weather to 18 holes)
1990-Jason Brown, Decatur, 141 (36 holes)
1989-Brian Gay, Daleville, 140 (36 holes)

1988-Jimmy Green, Alba, 144 (36 holes)
1987-Daryl Sager, Jeff Davis, 142 (36 holes)
1986-Spike McRoy, Grissom, 146 (36 holes)
1985-Kenny Miller, Grissom, 136 (36 holes)
1984-Todd Lee, Walker, 146 (36 holes)

1983-Doug McLeod, UMS Prep, 141 (36 holes)
1982-T. J. Jackson, Davidson, 148 (36 holes)
1981-T. J. Jackson, Davidson, 139 (36 holes)
1980-Dick Hogan, UMS 246 (54 holes)
1979-Bill Anthony, Andalusia, 140 (36 holes)

1978-Bill Anthony, Andalusia, 141 (36 holes)
1977-Cary Wharton, Tuscaloosa, 144 (36 holes)
1976-Jeff Carlisle, Banks, 151 (36 holes, sudden death playoff)
1975-Allan Ritchie, Mountain Brook, 135 (36 holes)
1974-Bud Smith, Shades Valley, 135 (36 holes)

1973-Buddy Gardner, Robert E. Lee, 111 (27 holes)
1972-John Coker, Gadsden, 110 (27 holes, playoff)
1971-John Coker, Gadsden, 107 (27 holes)
1970-Bob Dumas, Auburn, 107 (27 holes)
1969-Bob Dumas, Auburn 110 (27 holes)

1968-Richard McKean, McGill, 110 (27 holes)
1967-Bill Brunson, Enterprise, 107 (27 holes, playoff)
1966 -Pat Hardegree, Lee-Montgomery, 108 (27 holes, playoff)
          Medalist: Billy McDonald, Shades Valley, 71
1965-John Sale, W.S. Neal, 105 (27 holes)
         Medalist: Alex Grant, Walker County, 70
1964-Richard Anthony, Andalusia, 219 (54 holes)
         Medalist: Richard Anthony, Andalusia , 71 (defeated Ed Brown, Lee-Montgomery, in playoff)

1963-Rock Weinard, Lee-Montgomery, 222 (54 holes)
        Medalist: Hubert Green, Shades Valley , 75 (defeated Ed Brown, Lee-Montgomery, in playoff)
1962-Richard Anthony, Andalusia, 213 (54 holes)
        Medalist: Hubert Green, Shades Valley, 69
1961-Ken Montiel, Murphy, 212 (54 holes)
        Medalist: Rudy Green, University Military School, 69
1960-John Lamey, University Military School, 218 (54 holes)
        Medalist: Sidney Knight, Murphy, 68
1959-Phil Fisher, Sidney Lanier, 218 (54 holes)
        Medalist: Phil Fisher, Sidney Lanier, 72 (defeated Fred Blackmon, Anniston, in playoff)

1958-Robert Burch, McGill (54 holes)
        Medalist: Paul Burkhalter, McGill, 72 (defeated Larry Campbell, Gadsden, in playoff)
1957-Frost Walker, Shades Valley (54 holes)
        Medalist: Frost Walker, Shades Valley 67
1956-Dick Ball, Sidney Lanier (54 holes)
        Medalist: Steward Thames, Murphy, 69
1955-Dick Pride, Tuscaloosa (54 holes)
        Medalist: Dick Pride, Tuscaloosa, 73, (defeated Mike Gregory, Dothan, in playoff.)
1954-Billy Shelton, Anniston (54 holes)
        Medalist: Billy Shelton, Anniston, 70

1953-Frank (Sonny) Holt, A.G. Parrish (Selma) (54 holes)
        Medalist: Jackie Maness, Tuscaloosa, 70, (defeated Bill McLean, Murphy, and Andy Burch, McGill, in
1952-Bill Crutcher, A.G. Parrish (Selma) (54 holes)
        Medalist: Webster (Buddy) Manderson, Tuscaloosa, 71
1951-Jackie Maness, Tuscaloosa (54 holes)
        Medalist: Jackie Maness, Tuscaloosa, 72
1950-J. C. Gustin, Woodlawn (54 holes)
        Medalist: J. C. Gustin, 69
1949-Charles Rackley, Dothan (defeated Julian Strassburger, 2 and 1, in final round)
        Medalist: Julian Strassburger, Sidney Lanier, 74