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    The first two days of fall football practice must be in shorts. These two days are designed for coaches to determine if the students are conditioned physically for football practice. On the third day, shoulder pads are allowed for one practice and the length of this practice shall not exceed 1.5 hours. During the first three days of practice, teams are allowed to use hand-held blocking pads. Helmets may be worn from the first day of practice, full pads from the fourth practice day. The earliest date full pads may be worn is August 7.

    No matter when a student begins fall football practice, that student must practice for two days in shorts. Shoulder pads are allowed for one practice on that student’s third practice day (1.5-hour practice). The student may practice in full pads on his/her fourth practice day.

    In all sports, two-a-day practices may not be conducted on consecutive days. When two-a-day practices are conducted, a four (4) hour break is required between the end of the first practice and the beginning of the second practice. In football, only one practice per day may be in full pads. The other practice that day can be only in helmets and shoulder pads.

NOTE:  The two-a-day rule also applies once the classes and school year is in session.

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