Sunday, February 23, 2020

Football Past State Champions

2019--7A-Thompson; 6A-Oxford; 5A-Central-Clay County; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Piedmont; 2A-Fyffe;
2018--7A-Central-Phenix City; 6A-Pinson Valley; 5A-Centrl-Clay County; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Flomaton; 2A-Fyffe;
          1A-Mars Hill Bible
2017--7A-Hoover; 6A-Pinson Valley; 5A-St. Paul's Episcopal; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Hillcrest-Evergreen; 2A-Lanett;
          1A-Sweet Water
2016--7A-Hoover; 6A-Ramsay; 5A-Beauregard; 4A-Handley; 3A-Piedmont; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Maplesville


2015--7A-McGill-Toolen; 6A-Spanish Fort; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Leeds; 3A-Piedmont; 2A-Elba; 1A-Maplesville
2014—7A-Hoover; 6A-Clay-Chalkville; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Leeds; 3A-Madison Academy; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Maplesville
2013—6A-Hoover; 5A-Spanish Fort; 4A-Oneonta; 3A-Madison Academy; 2A-Tanner; 1A-Pickens County
2012—6A-Hoover; 5A-Spanish Fort; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Madison Academy; 2A-Tanner; 1A-Brantley
2011—6A-Prattville; 5A-Hartselle; 4A-Jackson; 3A-Handley; 2A-Elba; 1A-Marion County

2010—6A-Daphne; 5A-Spanish Fort; 4A-Thomasville; 3A-Leeds; 2A-Leroy; 1A-Sweet Water


2009—6A-Hoover; 5A-Demopolis; 4A-Cherokee County; 3A-Piedmont; 2A-Reeltown; 1A-Brantley
2008—6A-Prattville; 5A-Vigor; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Leeds; 2A-Leroy; 1A-Sweet Water
2007—6A-Prattville; 5A-St. Paul's; 4A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 3A-Cordova; 2A-Leroy; 1A-Sweet Water
2006—6A-Prattville; 5A-Athens; 4A-Guntersville; 3A-Pike County; 2A-Leroy; 1A-Sweet Water

2005—6A-Hoover; 5A-Homewood; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Pike County;  2A-Clay County;  1A-Addison
2004—6A-Hoover; 5A-Homewood; 4A-Demopolis; 3A-Oneonta;  2A-Leroy;  1A-Sweet Water
2003—6A-Hoover; 5A-Briarwood; 4A-Trinity; 3A-Pike County;  2A-Randolph County;  1A-Parrish
2002—6A-Hoover; 5A-Homewood; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-T. R. Miller;  2A-Southern Choctaw; 1A-Clay County
2001—6A-Daphne; 5A-Benjamin Russell; 4A-UMS-Wright; 3A-Hokes Bluff; 2A-Gordo; 1A-Reeltown.

2000—6A-Hoover; 5A-Homewood; 4A-T. R. Miller; 3A-Aliceville;  2A-Clay County; 1A-Hazlewood.
1999—6A-Clay-Chalkville; 5A-Etowah; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Briarwood Christian;  2A-Southern Choctaw; 1A-Courtland.
1998—6A-Vestavia Hills; 5A-Blount; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Briarwood Christian;  2A-Southern Choctaw; 1A-Brantley.
1997—6A-Tuscaloosa County; 5A-Blount; 4A-Alexandria; 3A-Aliceville;  2A-Luverne; 1A-Billingsley.
1996—6A-Jeff Davis; 5A-Blount; 4A-Fayette County; 3A-Colbert County;  2A-Clay County; 1A-Maplesville

1995—6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Homewood; 4A-Alexandria; 3A-Cordova;  2A-Clay County; 1A-Courtland
1994--6A-Anniston; 5A-Greenville; 4A-T.R. Miller; 3A-Colbert County;  2A-Clay County; 1A-Carrollton.
1993--6A-Central-Phenix City; 5A-Oxford; 4A-North Jackson; 3A-Colbert County; A-St. Clair County; 
          1A- Brantley.
1992--6A-Robert E. Lee; 5A-Blount; 4A-Daleville; 3A-Elba; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Billingsley
1991-6A-Robert E. Lee; 5A-Gadsden; 4A-T.R. Miller; 3A-Luverne; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-McKenzie

1990-6A-Jess Lanier; 5A-Blount; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Dallas County; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland
1989-6A-Anniston; 5A-Oxford; 4A-Pike County; 3A-Elba; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland
1988-6A-Vigor; 5A-Oxford; 4A-Pike County; 3A-Thomasville; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Courtland
1987-6A-Vigor; 5A-Greenville; 4A-Elmore County; 3A-UMS Prep; 2A-Reeltown; 1A-Montgomery Academy
1986-6A-Robert E. Lee; 5A-Gadsden; 4A-Litchfield; 3A-Crossville; 2A-Cottonwood; 1A-Sweet Water

1985-6A-Northview; 5A-Colbert County; 4A-Alexandria; 3A-Gordo; 2A-Hazelwood; 1A-Sand Rock
1984-6A-Prattville; 5A-Emma Sansom; 4A-T. R. Miller; 3A-Lamar County; 2A-Millport; 1A-Valley Head
1983-4A-Murphy; 3A-Escambia County; 2A-Oak Grove; 1A-Millport
1982-4A-Enterprise & W.A. Berry, co-champions; 3A-Thompson; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Sweet Water
1981-4A-Northview; 3A-Eufaula; 2A-Dadeville; A-Hazlewood

1980-4A-Vestavia Hills, 3A-Henderson; 2A-Gordo; 1A-Akron
1979-4A-Enterprise; 3A-Jackson & Colbert County, co-champions; 2A-Stevenson; 1A-Sweet Water
1978-4A-Jefferson Davis; 3A-Eufaula; 2A-Elmore County; 1A-Sweet Water
1977-4A-W. A. Berry; 3A-Andalusia; 2A-Stevenson; 1A-Ohatchee
1976-4A-Mountain Brook; 3A-Andalusia and Athens, co-champions; 2A-Elmore County; 1A-Addison

1975-4A-Mountain Brook; 3A-Athens; 2A-Hazlewood; 1A-Ranburne
1974-4A-Homewood; 3A-Escambia County; 2A-Lauderdale County; 1A-Carrollton
1973-4A-Banks; 3A-John Carroll; 2A-Glencoe; 1A-Marion County
1972-4A-Banks; 3A-Colbert Co.; 2A-Oneonta; 1A-Marion County
1971-4A-Decatur; 3A-Tarrant; 2A-Abbeville & Oneonta, co-champions; 1A-Marion County

1970-4A-Robert E. Lee; 3A-Valley; 2A-Addison; 1A-Hazlewood
1969-4A-Robert E. Lee; 3A-Sylacauga; 2A-T. R. Miller; 1A-Excel
1968-4A-Sidney Lanier; 3A-Russellville; 2A-Gordo; 1A-Lowndes Academy
1967-4A-Sidney Lanier; 3A-Russellville; 2A-Lamar County; 1A-Marengo County
1966-4A-Sidney Lanier

(Before the playoffs began in 1966, mythical state champions were selected by The National Sports News Service.)

1920-Sidney Lanier (7-0-1)
1921-Tuscaloosa (9-0-0)
1922-Sidney Lanier (10-0-0)
1924-Butler (9-0-0)
1925-Tuscaloosa (8-0-1)
1926-Tuscaloosa (9-0-0)
1927-Tuscaloosa (9-0-0)
1928-Tuscaloosa (9-0-0) & Sidney Lanier (11-0-0), co-champions
1929-Tuscaloosa (9-0-0)
1930-Walker County (11-0-0)
1931-Tuscaloosa (9-0-2)
1932-Decatur (10-0-0)
1933-Decatur (9-0-0)
1934-Ramsay (9-0-0)
1935-Athens (9-0-0)
1936-Tuscaloosa (8-1-0)
1937-Woodlawn (7-1-0)
1938-Ensley (8-1-0)
1939-Sidney Lanier (9-0-0)
1940-Bessemer (9-0-0)
1941-Woodlawn (9-0-0)
1942-Woodlawn (9-0-0)
1943-Woodlawn (9-0-0)
1944-Gadsden (9-0-0)
1945-Ensley (9-0-0)
1946-Ensley (9-0-0)
1947-Ramsay (9-0-0)
1948-Aliceville (9-0-0)
1949-Tuscaloosa (9-0-0) & Decatur (9-0-0), co-champions
1950-Etowah County (10-0-0)
1951-Bessemer (8-0-1)
1952-Bessemer (10-0-0)
1953-West End, Birmingham (9-1-0) & Ensley (9-1-0), co-champions
1954-Bessemer (10-0-0)
1955-Woodlawn (10-0-0)
1956-Woodlawn (10-0-0)
1957-Walker County (10-0-0)
1958-Robert E. Lee (10-0-0)
1959-Robert E. Lee (9-1-0)
1960-Robert E. Lee (9-0-1)
1961-Sidney Lanier (9-1-0)
1962-Cullman (10-0-0)
1963-Talladega (10-0-0)
1964-Tarrant (10-0-0)
1965-Banks (10-0-0)


Year    Class-Champion            Coach                    Score              Runner-up

7A­­­­—Thompson                   Mark Freeman     40-14     Central-Phenix City
         6A­­­­—Oxford                        Randy Etheredge    14-13              Spanish Fort
         5A—Central-Clay County     Danny Horn 31-27 Pleasant Grove
         4A—UMS-Wright                 Terry Curtis          28-17             Jacksonville
         3A—Piedmont                     Steve Smith 26-24 Mobile Christian
         2A—Fyffe                           Paul Benefield 56-7 Reeltown
         1A—Lanett                         Clifford Story         41-30             Mars Hill Bible
2018 7A­­­­—Central-Phenix City      Jamey DuBose      52-7     Thompson
         6A­­­­—Pinson Valley               Patrick Nix       26-17         Saraland
         5A—Central-Clay County  Danny Horn 43-42 Vigor
         4A—UMS-Wright                Terry Curtis            52-0                 Deshler
         3A—Flomaton    Doug Vickery         23-12 Piedmont
         2A—Fyffe                          Paul Benefield 21-19 Luverne
         1A—Mars Hill Bible          Darrell Higgins         53-26               Linden 

2017 7A­­­­—Hoover                       Josh Niblett             48-20              McGill-Toolen
          6A­­­­—Pinson Valley              Patrick Nix           31-10              Wetumpka
          5A—St. Paul's Episcopal     Steve Mask            17-14               Briarwood Christian 
          4A—UMS-Wright                Terry Curtis           21-7                 Fayette County
          3A—Hillcrest-Evergreen      Clinton Smith        26-14               Randolph County
          2A—Lanett                        Clifford Story         33-15               Leroy
          1A—Sweet Water               Pat Thompson       20-6                 Pickens County

2016 7A­­­­—Hoover                       Josh Niblett              17-7             McGill-Toolen
          6A­­­­—Ramsay                      Rueben Nelson         21-16           Opelika
          5A—Beauregard                 Rob Carter               33-13           Wenonah
          4A—Handley                      Larry Strain              30-7             Madison Academy
          3A—Piedmont                    Steve Smith             22-12           Mobile Christian
          2A—Fyffe                          Paul Bendfield           28-0             Aliceville
          1A—Maplesville                  Brent Hubbert          40-12           Pickens County

2015 7A­­­­—Hoover                        Josh Niblett               14-12            Spain Park
          6A­­­­—Spanish Fort                Ben Blackmon            31-28           Clay-Chalkville
          5A—St. Paul's Episcopal       Steve Mask               41-26           Mortimer Jordan
          4A—Leeds                           Keith Etheredge         55-7             Fayette County
          3A—Piedmont                     Steve Smith              44-7              Bayside Academy
          2A—Elba                             Ed Rigby                    36-22           Fyffe
          1A—Maplesville                   Brent Hubbert            59-24           Cedar Bluff

2014   7A­­­­—Hoover                           Josh Niblett                35-21         Prattville
           6A­­­­—Clay-Chalkville                Jerry Hood                 36-31         Saraland
           5A—St. Paul's Episcopal         Steve Mask                35-13         Pleasant Grove
           4A—Leeds                           Keith Etheredge          30-0           Deshler (Tuscumbia)
           3A—Madison Academy           Eric Cohu                   70-34         Dale County
           2A—Fyffe                            Paul Benefield             28-17         Elba
           1A—Maplesville                     Brent Hubbert             49-0          Hubbertville

2013   6A­­­­—Hoover                                Josh Niblett                    20-3           Auburn
           5A—Spanish Fort                       Mark Freeman               35-14         Muscle Shoals
           4A—Oneonta                              Don Jacobs                   28-10        Charles Henderson (Troy)
           3A—Madison Academy              Eric Cohu                      31-14         Leeds
           2A—Tanner                                 Laron White                  21-13         Washington County
           1A—Pickens County                  Patrick Plott                   38-18         Maplesville

2012   6A­­­­—Hoover                                Josh Niblett                     31-0           Opelika
           5A—Spanish Fort                         Mark Freeman                45-14         McAdory
           4A—UMS-Wright                          Terry Curtis                    42-14         Oneonta
           3A—Madison Academy                 Eric Cohu                        31-7           Fayette County
           2A—Tanner                                  Laron White                    28-14        Washington County
           1A—Brantley                                David Lowery                 33-0           Marion County

2011    6A­­­­—Prattville                              Jamey DuBose                35-34         Hoover
            5A—Hartselle                              Bob Godsey                   13-3           Vigor, Prichard
            4A—Jackson                               Danny Powell                42-28          Oneonta
            3A—Handley, Roanoke               Mike Battles, Sr.             20-14          Madison Academy
            2A—Elba                                     Scott Rials                      34-14          Tanner
            1A—Marion County                     Russell Flunk                  23-12          Linden

2010    6A­­­­—Daphne                           Glenn Vickery                      7-6               Hoover
            5A—Spanish Fort                   Bryant Vincent                     14-0              Briarwood
            4A—Thomasville      .             Jack Hankins, Jr.                 59-34             Deshler
           3A—Leeds                              Keith Etheredge                  42-32             Hamilton
           2A—Leroy                               Danny Powell                      34-7              Reeltown
           1A—Sweet Water                   Stacy Luker                        36-0                R.A. Hubbard

2009    6A­­­­—Hoover                            Josh Niblett                         28-23             Prattville
            5A—Demopolis                        Tom Causey                       27-14            Russellville
            4A—Cherokee County.             Tripp Curry                       31-27            Jackson
           3A—Piedmont                        Steve Smith                       35-28 (OT)       Cordova
           2A—Reeltown                         Jackie O’Neal                       16-8             Clay Co.
           1A—Brantley                            David Lowery                     28-13            Hackleburg

2008     6A­­­­—Prattville                          Jamey Dubose                      16-13          Hoover
            5A—Vigor                               Kerry Stevenson                   50-30         Russellville
            4A—UMS-Wright                      Terry Curtis                          41-7           Cherokee Co.
            3A—Leeds                               Keith Etheredge                   33-21          Cordova
            2A—Leroy                               Danny Powell                       41-8            Sulligent
            1A—Sweet Water                     Stacy Luker                         41-0            Speake

2007     6A­­­­—Prattville                            Bill Clark                              14-0           Spain Park
            5A—St. Paul’s                          Mike Bates                          14-13          Briarwood
            4A—Central-Tuscaloosa            Melvin Pete                           34-7           Deshler
            3A—Cordova                            Scott Basden                        21-13         Clay County
            2A—Leroy                                Danny Powell                       25-20          Fyffe
            1A—Sweet Water                     Stacy Luker                          42-7           Talladega Co. Central

2006     6A­­­­—Prattville                            Bill Clark                               35-21         Hoover
            5A—Athens                              Allen Creasy                         10-7           Eufaula
            4A—Guntersville                       Phil Isom                               28-27         Thomasville
            3A—Pike County                      Wayne Grant                         44-14         Clay County
            2A—Leroy                                Danny Powell                         12-7          Woodland
            1A—Sweet Water                     Stacy Luker                           48-0          Cedar Bluff

2005     6A­­­­—Hoover                              Rush Propst                           56-14         Daphne
            5A—Homewood                        Bob Newton                           43-13         Buckhorn
            4A—UMS-Wright                      Terry Curtis                            42-16         Deshler
            3A—Pike County                      Wayne Grant                          10-6          Cherokee County
            2A—Clay County                      Danny Horn                            31-0          Southern Choctaw
            1A—Addison                            Randy White                          21-12         Brantley

2004     6A­­­­—Hoover                              Rush Propst                           22-7          Prattville
            5A—Homewood                        Bob Newton                           35-21        Russellville
            4A—Demopolis                         Doug Goodwin                       35-21         Deshler
            3A—Oneonta                            Josh Niblett                           28-21         Winfield
            2A—Leroy                                Scott Phelps                         17-14         Woodland
            1A—Sweet Water                     Stacy Luker                           35-7          Hubbard

2003     6A­­­­—Hoover                              Rush Propst                           22-17         Daphne
            5A—Briarwood                          Fred Yancey                          31-7           Russellville
            4A—Trinity                               Randy Ragsdale                     24-14         Deshler
            3A—Pike County                      Wayne Grant                          30-7          Oneonta
            2A—Randolph County               Pat Prestridge                        21-14         Luverne
            1A—Parrish                              Jimmy Gray                           20-17         American Christian

2002     6A­­­­—Hoover                              Rush Propst                         39-29            Jeff Davis
            5A—Homewood                        Bob Newton                          31-28           Russellville
            4A—UMS-Wright                      Terry Curtis                             7-3             North Jackson
            3A—T. R. Miller                        Jamie Riggs                           38-6            Colbert County
            2A—Southern Choctaw             Larry Boykin                           12-6            Lineville
            1A—Clay County                      Danny Horn                            29-0            Autaugaville

2001     6A­­­­—Daphne                             Steve Savarese                      48-21            Hoover
            5A—Benjamin Russell               Carl Martin                            20-13            Homewood
            4A—UMS-Wright                       Terry Curtis                           28-12           Cleburne County
            3A—Hokes Bluff                        Mike Robertson                     23-0             Tarrant
            2A—Gordo                                Joe Billingsley                       14-7              Leroy
            1A—Reeltown                           Jackie O'Neal                         46-6              Notasulga

2000     6A­­­­—Hoover                                Rush Propst                        28-7                 Daphne
            5A—Homewood                         Bob Newton                         41-34 (5 OT)     Benjamin Russell
            4A—T. R. Miller                         Jamie Riggs                          28-9                 Fayette Cy
            3A—Aliceville                            Wade Streeter                      50-7                Colbert County
            2A—Clay County                       Danny Horn                          27-7                 Pisgah
            1A—Hazlewood                         Rickey Johnson                    23-16              Reeltown

1999     6A­­­­—Clay-Chalkville                    Hal Riddle                             30-27 (OT)     Robert E. Lee
            5A—Etowah                              Raymond Farmer                  42-26            Williamson
            4A—Deshler                              John Mothershed                   43-20             Jemison
            3A—Briarwood Christian             Fred Yancey                         55-19             Lincoln
            2A—Southern Choctaw              Larry Boykin                         27-7              Lineville
            1A—Courtland                           Lymos McDonald                  13-10            Brantley
1998     6A­­­­—Vestavia Hills                     Buddy Anderson                   10-7              Vigor
            5A—Blount                                Cornelius Brown                    27-20 (OT)     Etowah
            4A--Deshler                               John Mothershed                   34-6             T. R. Miller
            3A—Briarwood Christian             Fred Yancey                         56-14            Randolph County
            2A—Southern Choctaw              Larry Boykin                         16-6               Lineville
            1A--Brantley                              Roland Jones                        24-21             Parrish

1997     6A­­­­—Tuscaloosa County             Bobby Moore                        28-12            Benjamin Russell
            5A--Blount                                 Ben Harris                            29-0              Etowah
            4A--Alexandria                           Larry Ginn                            24-14            Greensboro
            3A--Aliceville                              Jerry Dismuke                      21-19           Colbert County
            2A--Luverne                               Butch Norman                       42-0            Sand Rock
            1A--Billingsley                           James Carter                         28-8             Westbrook Christian

1996     6A­­­­—Jeff Davis                           Charles Lee                          28-12           Mountain Brook
            5A--Blount                                 Ben Harris                            29-0            Saks
            4A—Fayette County                   Waldon Tucker                     25-7            T. R. Miller
            3A—Colbert County                   Jimmie Moore                       25-19 (OT)    UMS-Wright
            2A--Clay County                        Danny Horn                          42-0             Lineville
            1A--Maplesville                          Jim Hubbert                          45-6             Lynn

1995     6A­­­­—Central-Tuscaloosa              Howard Busby                         7-6            Jeff Davis
            5A--Homewood                          Bob Newton                          17-12           Blount
            4A--Alexandria                           Larry Ginn                            18-13            T. R. Miller
            3A--Cordova                               Brian Maner                           6-0             B. B. Comer
            2A--Clay County                        Danny Horn                            7-6              Hazlewood
            1A--Courtland                            Louis White                           14-7              Maplesville

1994     6A--Anniston                             Rodney Bivens                      16-14           Shades Valley
            5A--Greenville                            Gene Allen                           28-14          Homewood
            4A--T. R. Miller                          Jamie Riggs                          27-6           Cleburne County
            3A--Colbert County                     Jimmie Moore                       17-10         Luverne
            2A--Clay County                        Danny Horn                           24-0           Gordo
            1A--Carrollton                            Billy McGee                          21-14         Addison

1993     6A—Central-Phenix City             Wayne Trawick                     12-7           West End
            5A--Oxford                                 Robert Herring                       35-21         Greenville
            4A--North Jackson                     Phillip Lolley                         21-14          Daleville
            3A--Colbert County                     Jimmie Moore                       14-10         St. Paul’s
            2A-St. Clair County                    Alan Lee                               18-13         Hazlewod
            1A--Brantley                              Roland Jones                        36-0           West Jefferson

1992     6A--Robert E. Lee                      Spence McCracken               14-0           Hewitt-Trussville
            5A--Blount                                 Benjamin Harris                    29-15         Russellville
            4A--Daleville                              Perry Swindall                       40-8           Munford
            3A--Elba                                    Mac Wood                             15-3           Lamar County
            2A--Hazlewood                          Rickey Johnson                     37-6           Reeltown
            1A--Billingsley                           James Carter                        13-12          Parrish

1991     6A--Robert E. Lee                      Spence McCracken               14-7           Central (Tuscaloosa)
            5A--Gadsden                             Vince DiLorenzo                    20-7           Blount
            4A--T. R. Miller                          Jamie Riggs                          46-6           Deshler
            3A--Luverne                               Glenn Daniel                         21-7           Plainview
            2A--Hazlewood                          Rickey Johnson                    32-22          Reeltown
            1A--McKenzie                            Sam Dour                            15-7           Courtland

1990     6A--Jess Lanier                          Carrol Cox                            22-0           Murphy
            5A--Blount                                 Benjamin Harris                    36-24         Homewoodd
            4A--Deshler                               Tandy Gerelds                      28-27(OT)   T. R. Miller
            3A--Dallas County                      Donald Nelson                      40-7           Plainview
            2A--Hazlewood                          Rickey Johnson                    14-0           Cottonwood
            1A-Courtland                             Louis White                          18-0           Autaugaville

1989     6A--Anniston                             Berry Halladay                      12-6           Murphy
            5A--Oxford                                 Robert Herring                      37-35         Smiths Station
            4A--Pike County                        Wayne Grant                        20-19         Colbert County
            3A--Elba                                    Mack Wood                         14-0           Rogers
            2A--Hazlewood                          Jackie Ferguson                    75-0          Georgiana
            1A--Courtland                            Louis White                          13-2           Excel                   

1988     6A--Vigor                                   Harold Clark                         41-7           Berry
            5A--Oxford                                 Robert Herring                      21-14         Smiths Station
            4A--Pike County                        Wayne Grant                        17-8           Tarrant
            3A--Thomasville                         Bill McNair                            44-6           West Limestone
            2A--Hazlewood                          Jackie Ferguson                    28-0           New Brockton
            1A--Courtland                            Louis White                          22-21          Billingsley

1987     6A--Vigor                                   Harold Clark                         19-13           Shades Valley
            5A--Greenville                            Willis Wright                         21-20(2 OT) Russellville
            4A--Elmore County                     Terry Burt                             28-7            Alexandria
            3A--UMS Prep                           Ken McWilliams                    28-7            Oneonta
            2A--Reeltown                             Duane Webster                      9-7            Winston County
            1A--Montgomery Academy         John Tatum                           13-6             Billingsley

1986     6A--Robert E. Lee                      Spence McCracken               13-7           Jess Lanier
            5A--Gadsden                             Vince DiLorenzo                    13-7           Homewood
            4A--Litchfield                             Michael Shipp                       23-14          T. R. Miller
            3A--Crossville                            Roger Hibbs                          22-0            Elba
            2A--Cottonwood                         Jim McCain                          35-6            Woodland
            1A--Sweet Water                       Nolan Atkins                         26-14          Courtland

1985     6A--Northview                            Harry Wayne Parrish             32-15         Huffman
            5A--Colbert County                     Don Creasy                          26-13         Dora
            4A--Alexandria                           Lou Scales                           35-0           Elba
            3A--Gordo                                 Howard Byers                       35-19         Oneonta
            2A--Hazlewood                          Jackie Ferguson                    23-16         Autaugaville
            1A--Sand Rock                          Russell Jacoway                     14-6           Repton
1984     6A--Prattville                             John Glasscock                    17-7           Johnson
            5A--Emma Sansom                    Buster Gross                        10-7           Greenville
            4A--T. R. Miller                          Mike Sasser                         20-18          Cherokee County
            3A--Lamar County                      Kenneth McKinney                29-0           Randolph County
            2A--Millport                                Jack Hankins                        17-14         Reeltown
            1A--Valley Head                         Jim Kirby                              13-6           Sweet Water

1983     4A-Murphy                                Larry Henderson                    7-0            Austin   
            3A--Escambia County                 Buck Powell                         14-0           Emma Sansom
            2A--Oak Grove                           Ronnie Gilliland                     6-3           Cottonwood
            1A--Millport                                Jack Hankins                        3-0 OT      Brantley

1982    4A--Enterprise (co-champ)         Bill Bacon                             10-10
            4A--W.A. Berry (co-champ)        Bob Finley                            10-10
            3A--Thompson                           Larry Simmons                     14-11          Oxford
            2A--Hazlewood                          David Hogan                         24-16          Dadeville
            1A--Sweet Water                       Nolan Atkins                          35-6           Akron

1981     4A--Northview                            Harry Wayne Parrish               7-6           Carver (B'ham)
            3A--Eufaula                               George Cochran                    39-20         Hartselle
            2A--Dadeville                             Wayne Keahey                       3-0           Stevenson
            1A--Hazlewood                          David Hogan                         28-0           McKenzie

1980     4A--Vestavia Hills                       Buddy Anderson                   15-13         Parker
            3A--Charles Henderson               Jay Jefcoat                           14-7           Hartselle
            2A--Gordo                                 Waldon Tucker                      26-22         Southern Choctaw
            1A--Akron                                  Nathaniel Kelly                     26-20         McKenzie

1979     4A--Enterprise                           Bill Bacon                            14-13         Vestavia Hills
            3A--Jackson (co-champ)             Barry Pennington                  0-0           
            3A--Colbert Co. (co-champ)         Don Creasy                          0-0
            2A--Stevenson                           Kenneth McKinney                9-0           Randolph County
            1A--Sweet Water                       Nolan Atkins                         35-0           Carrollton

1978     4A--Jeff Davis                             Billy Livings                          21-7           Vestavia Hills
            3A--Eufaula                               George Cochran                    29-0           Colbert County
            2A--Elmore County                     Terry Burt                             7-6           Hazlewood
            1A--Sweet Water                       Nolan Atkins                         34-0           West Jefferson

1977     4A--W. A. Berry                         Bob Finley                            21-0           Walker
            3A--Andalusia                            Don Sharpe                             7-0          Walter Wellborn
            2A--Stevenson                           Kenneth McKinney               17-16         Handley
            1A--Ohatchee                            Jimmy Wood                          32-6           Notasulga

1976     4A--Mountain Brook                   Rick Rhoades                        52-26         Murphy
            3A--Andalusia (co-champ)           Don Sharpe                            7-7
            3A--Athens (co-champ)               Ron Phillips                            7-7                       
            2A--Elmore County                     Terry Burt                             20-12         Red Bay
            1A--Addison                              Allen Stephenson                  21-6          Brantley

1975     4A--Mountain Brook                   Robert Higginbotham             29-23         Dothan
            3A--Athens                                Larry McCoy                        35-15         Andalusia
            2A--Hazlewood                          Larry Bishop                         53-0           Hokes Bluff
            1A--Ranburne                            Harlen Robinson                    22-7           Sweet Water

1974     4A--Homewood                          Alvin Bresler                         10-7           Dothan
            3A--Escambia County                Glenn Latham                        7-6           Sheffield
            2A--Lauderdale County               Robert Earl Grisham             14-13          Ashford
            1A--Carrollton                            Billy McGee                         33-6           Zion Chapel

1973     4A--Banks                                 Shorty White                        21-7           Grissom
            3A--John Carroll                         James McNally                     30-7           Andalusia
            2A--Glencoe                              Lyle Darnell                          24-14         Florala
            1A--Marion County                     Bill Rayburn                          28-6           Houston Academy

1972     4A--Banks                                 Shorty White                         34-8           Huffman
            3A--Colbert County                     C. T. Manley                         41-14         Cullman
            2A--Oneonta                              Hugh O'Shields                     43-14         Cordova
            1A--Marion County                     Bill Rayburn                          38-21         Valley Head

1971     4A--Decatur                               Earl Webb                            8-0           Butler
            3A--Tarrant                                Charles Hearn                     34-20          W. S. Neal
            2A--Abbeville (co-champ)            David Barnes                        0-0           
            2A--Oneonta (co-champ)             Hugh O'Shields                     0-0
            1A--Marion County                     Bill Rayburn                          17-14         Addison

1970     4A--Robert E. Lee                      Jim Chafin                            27-7           Minor
            3A--Valley                                 Doug Lockridge                    23-16          Sylacauga
            2A--Addison                              A. G. Hicks                          15-7           Susan Moore
            1A--Hazlewood                          Gwin Holland                        44-0           Ohatchee

1969     4A--Robert E. Lee                      Jim Chafin                            14-7         W.A. Berry
            3A--Sylacauga                           Tom Calvin                           36-14         Robertsdale
            2A--T. R. Miller                          Mack Wood                          27-0           Aliceville
            1A--Excel                                  Carvel Rowell                        30-6           Sweet Water

1968     4A--Sidney Lanier                      Bobby Wilson                       27-21         Huntsville
            3A--Russellville                          Bill Doty                               51-13         Saks
            2A--Gordo                                 Harold Avinger                       27-6           St. Jude
            1A--Lowndes Academy               Mac Champion                     61-27         Woodland

1967     4A--Sidney Lanier                      Bobby Wilson                       20-0            Butler
            3A--Russellville                          Bill Doty                               13-6           Colbert County
            2A--Lamar County                      Hugh Harrison                       49-7           Jemison
            1A--Marengo County                  Roland Atkins                        42-7           Valley Head

1966     4A--Sidney Lanier                      Bobby Wilson                        9-7           Robert E. Lee

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