NO STATE MEET ENTRY FEES: Central Board policy eliminates entry fees for the state meet since an admission is required. 

Rules Updates & Clarifications

Enrollment Rule: A student must be enrolled within the first 20 days of a semester as a regular student in the school system where the student will participate. The 20-day requirement may be waived under extenuating circumstances. Note: A regular student is one who is enrolled at the school and is taking six new subjects of work.

Basic Eligibility Rules



Cross Country

Marvin Chou - Director -

2018 Season

Cross Country

State Meet -

Alabama Runners

Quick Dates, Facts

2018 Season

June 1 -- Schedules Due Online
Aug. 6—First Practice
Aug. 23--First Contest

Mar. 24--North-South Nominations Due

2018 Playoffs
Week Before Meet: Entry
Nov. 1-3--Section Meets
Nov. 10--State Meet (Moulton)
Dates Allowed
   Varsity--10; JH/Middle--8



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