Sparkman basketball team honors America during ceremonies that opened each day of the Final 48 in Birmingham. (Photo by Todd Thompson)


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Rules Updates  


2012-13 Rules Changes

NFHS Ban On Concept 1 Shoes Is Lifted

Practice or warm-ups by teams not participating in the current game are not allowed during halftime of that basketball game, according to AHSAA policy. Teams participating in the following game may warm-up between games just prior to the scheduled starting time for their game. Home management has the responsibility to monitor this policy. Game officials will not address the issue but will have the responsibility to report violations to the State Office. Any team violating this policy may be subject to a fine and probation. If a game is delayed or halted due to damaged equipment because of policy violations, the team will be required to forfeit its scheduled contest.


Age Rule - A high school student who has reached his/her 19th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible. Any junior high (ninth grade) student who has reached his/her 16th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible. Any middle school student who has reached his/her 15th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible.
More Basic Eligibility Rules

Quick Dates, Facts  
VARSITY (2014-15)
Sept. 15--Schedule Due
Oct. 13--First Practice
Nov. 3--First Contest
Jan. 28--Last Day, Area Game
Jan. 29--Area Brackets Due
                           (10 am)
Contests Allowed: 20 Games 
              Plus 3 Tournaments
2014-15 Playoffs
Feb. 2, 4, 6--Girls Area
Feb. 3, 5, 7
--Boys Area
Feb. 9-10--Sub-Regional (G/B)
Feb. 12-19--Regionals
Feb. 23-Feb. 28--State Finals
Sept. 13--First Practice
Oct. 6--First Contest
Jan. 31--End of Season
Contests Allowed: 16 Games 
             Plus 3 Tournaments 

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