Basketball Past State Champions - Girls

2018-7A-Spain Park; 6A-Hazel Green; 5A-Charles Henderson; 4A-Madison Academy; 3A-Pisgah; 2A-Samson; 1A-Spring Garden
2017-7A-Hoover; 6A-Homewood; 5A-Wenonah; 4A-Madison Academy; 3A-Locust Fork; 2A-Geneva
         County; 1A-R.A. Hubbard
2016-7A-Jeff Davis; 6A-LeFlore; 5A-Wenonah; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Samson;
        1A-Spring Garden

2015-7A-Jeff Davis; 6A-Homewood; 5A-Wenonah; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Red Bay;
2014-6A-Shades Valley; 5A-Wenonah; 4A-Oneonta; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Woodland; 1A-Brantley
2013-6A-Hoover; 5A-Faith Academy; 4A-Oneonta; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Woodland; 1A-Brantley
2012-6A-Hoover; 5A-Brewer; 4A-Jacksonville; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Section; 1A-McIntosh
2011-6A-Bob Jones; 5A-Erwin; 4A-Brewbaker Tech; 3A-Madison Academy; 2A-Tanner; 1A-R.A.

2010-6A-Hoover; 5A-Fairfield; 4A-Midfield; 3A-Sumter County; 2A-Clements; 1A-J.F. Shields
2009-6A-Bob Jones; 5A-LeFlore; 4A-Midfield; 3A-T.R. Miller; 2A-Cold Springs; 1A-Hazlewood
2008-6A-Bob Jones; 5A-Eufaula; 4A-Midfield; 3A-Crossville; 2A-Cold Springs; 1A-Spring Garden
2007-6A-Sparkman; 5A-Ramsay; 4A-Midfield; 3A-Sheffield; 2A-Samson; 1A-McIntosh
2006-6A-Jeff Davis; 5A-Ramsay; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Lauderdale Co.; 2A-Samson; 1A-McIntosh

2005-6A-Sidney Lanier; 5A-Ramsay; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Pisgah; 2A-Mars Hill; 1A-Spring Garden
2004-6A-Wenonah; 5A-Ramsay; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Abbeville; 2A-Hatton; 1A-Spring Garden
2003-6A-Sparkman; 5A-Athens; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Pisgah; 1A-Notasulga
2002-6A-Sparkman; 5A-Athens; 4A-T. R. Miller; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Hatton; 1A-Belgreen
2001-6A-Hoover; 5A-Boaz; 4A-Andalusia; 3A-Hanceville; 2A-Red Bay; 1A-Notasulga

2000-6A-Decatur; 5A-Buckhorn; 4A-Lawrence County; 3A-R. C. Hatch; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Autaugaville
1999-6A-Butler; 5A-Athens; 4A-Lawrence County; 3A-Montgomery Academy; 2A-Cold Springs; 
1998-6A-Butler; 5A-Sylacauga; 4A-Cherokee County; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Hazlewood; 
1997-6A-Butler; 5A-Eufaula; 4A-Lawrence County; 3A-Pisgah; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Carrollton
1996-6A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 5A-Eufaula; 4A-T. R. Miller; 3A-Sulligent; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Mars Hill Bible

1995-6A-Decatur; 5A-Hazel Green; 4A-T.R. Miller; 3A-St. Paul’s; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Maplesville
1994-6A-LeFlore; 5A-Eufaula; 4A-Buckhorn; 3A-Central-Florence; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Carrollton
1993-6A-Carver-Montgomery; 5A-Wenonah; 4A-Cherokee County; 3A-Red Bay; 2A-Lauderdale County; 
1992-6A-Decatur; 5A-Sylacauga; 4A-Cherokee County; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-New Site
1991-6A-Decatur; 5A-Pell City; 4A-Clarke County; 3A-Lauderdale County; 2A-Ranburne;
        1A-Mars Hill Bible

1990-6A-Decatur; 5A-Hamilton; 4A-Wenonah; 3A-Keith; 2A-Mars Hill Bible; 1A-Waterloo
1989-6A-Vigor; 5A-Williamson; 4A-Wilson; 3A-DAR; 2A-Mars Hill Bible; 1A-Hubbertville
1988-6A-McGill-Toolen; 5A-Pell City; 4A-Buckhorn; 3A-Sulligent; 2A-Gaston; 1A-Mars Hill
1987-6A-Vestavia Hills; 5A-Monroe County; 4A-Livingston; 3A-Lauderdale Co.; 2A-Red Bay; 
        1A-Spring  Garden
1986-6A-Williamson; 5A-Wenonah; 4A-New Hope; 3A-Tanner; 2A-Fyffe; 1A-Phillips

1985-6A-Johnson; 5A-Hartselle; 4A-Deshler; 3A-Ider; 2A-Courtland; 1A-Phillips
1984-4A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 3A-Hartselle; 2A-Winfield; 1A-Courtland
1983-4A-J.O. Johnson; 3A-Keith; 2A-Tanner; 1A-Akron
1982-4A-Central-Tuscaloosa; 3A-Haleyville; 2A-Pisgah; 1A-Vina
1981-4A-McGill-Toolen; 3A-Valley; 2A-Pisgah; 1A-Vina

1980-4A-McGill-Toolen; 3A-Eufaula; 2A-Red Bay; 1A-Hubbertville
1979-4A-J.O.Johnson; 3A-Winfield; 2A-Red Bay; 1A-Mars Hill Bible
1978-4A-Jefferson Davis; 3A-Sumter County; 2A-Winfield; 1A-J.T. Wright (First AHSAA state

Tournaments Prior To AHSAA Events
1976-Hazel Green (hosted by University of Alabama)
1928-Mortimer Jordan
1927-Jones Mill (now Frisco City)
1926-Jones Mill (now Frisco City)
1925-Jones Mill (now Frisco City)
1924-Montgomery County (Ramer)
1923-A.G. Parrish (Selma) (Conducted by Alabama Girls High School Athletic Association)