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2015 State Basketball Finals (
2015 State Basketball Finals (
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Basketball Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis for 2016-17


1.       Non playing personnel, e.g., cheerleaders, spirit participants, dance lines and media shall remain outside the playing area during a 30 second time out during the game.

2.       The area underneath the basket, 12 foot area of the lane, shall not have anyone standing or sitting in that area at any time during the contest.

3.      Coaches now only have 15 seconds to replace a disqualified or injured player or any other time a player has been directed to leave the game.  The first horn (warning horn) will be sounded at the start of the 15 seconds as directed by the game official.  Failure to have a substitute reported by the second horn will result in a technical foul being charged directly to the head coach.

4.      Undershirts shall be a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey and shall be hemmed and not have frayed or ragged edges.  If the undershirt has sleeves, they shall be the same length.

5.      Compression shorts shall be black, white, beige or the same predominant color of the jersey and the same color sleeves/tights shall be worn by teammates.  A brace is defined as anything worn for a medical purpose to increase stability.  In general, it is made of neoprene or elastic knit with an insert embedded to support the joint. 

6.      Players occupying marked free-throw lane line spaces (players lined up along the lane) may not enter the free-throw semicircle (where the free throw shooter is shooting from) until the ball touches the ring or until the free throw ends.  This would result in a violation.  If contact is made that displaces the shooter it is also a foul and both the violation and the foul will be penalized.


Emphasis will be placed on the following:


1.       Bench decorum.  Officials are being instructed to strictly enforce bench decorum at all levels (Varsity and Middle School).  This is especially true on visual gestures made by coaches.  Sportsmanship is a vital part of the game and the coaches set the example for not only the players but also the fans.  Officials will be penalizing the unsportsmanlike behavior of continuous objection to official’s decisions as well as gestures and behavior that incites undesirable crowd reactions.

2.       Coaches calling time outs.  Officials must know the status of possession of the ball before granting any time out request. 

Rules Updates & Clarifications
Age Rule - A high school student who has reached his/her 19th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible. Any junior high (ninth grade) student who has reached his/her 16th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible. Any middle school student who has reached his/her 15th birthday before Aug. 1 is ineligible.


2016-17 Season

State Championships:
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Regular Season:

Quick Dates, Facts

VARSITY (2017-18)

Oct. 16--First Practice
Nov. 6--First Contest
Jan. 30--Last Day, Area Game
Feb. 1--Area Brackets Due
                           (10 am)
Contests Allowed: 20 Games 
              Plus 3 Tournaments

2017-18 Playoffs

Feb. 5, 7, 9--Girls Area
Feb. 6, 8, 10--Boys Area
Feb. 12-13--Sub-Regionals
Feb. 14-22--Regionals (Dothan,
Montgomery, Jacksonville, & Hanceville)
Feb. 26-Mar. 3--State Finals (Birmingham)
Sept. 18--First Practice
Oct. 9--First Contest
Feb. 3--End of Season
Contests Allowed: 16 Games 
             Plus 3 Tournaments 


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