Wednesday, December 19, 2018



Forms, NFHS Publications Order Form


Bona Fide Change Of Residence Form
Concussion Form (Form Updated On May 21, 2018)

Compliance Audit Requirements/Forms
Foreign Exchange Student Form (Updated 8/22/2018)
Hall Of Fame Nomination Form 

Preparticipation Physical Exam Form (Updated 4/12/18) (The Rev. 2015 Form Will Be Accepted for One More Calendar Year)

Student In Good Standing Form
Student Release Form (Form Updated On May 21, 2018)



DIRECTIONS (Completing and submitting forms in the C2C software)
In the Members Area . . . 
Click on Menu
Hover over AHSAA
Hover over Documents & Filing
Click on Manage Library
Click on desired form
Complete all required information on the form
Save as PDF document
Print form
Submit to AHSAA
(If payment is required, submit with check payable to AHSAA)

Forms to AHSAA should be addressed: AHSAA, P.O. Box 242367, Montgomery, AL 36124)
      (Follow all directions at the bottom of the form.)

(This form is used to order National Federation publications from the AHSAA.)

1. To place on order, click on order form link above to download.
2. Print the form, complete and mail your order to:
    AHSAA, P. O. Box 242367, Montgomery, AL 36124
           Make your check payable to: AHSAA
     (Follow all directions at the bottom of the form.)