Selection of Championship Contest Officials

1.     Classification Score of the official must be in the top 50% of all registered officials for that sport.


2.     Must meet minimum number of regular season varsity contest.

        Baseball = 10 Games (State Finals Only)

        Basketball = 12 Games (Regional and State Finals Only)

        Football = 6 Games (4 Games at Same Qualifying Position for All Playoff Rounds)

        Soccer = 6 Games (State Finals Only)

        Softball = 12 Games (Regional and State Finals Only)

        Track =  2 Meets

        Volleyball = 10 Matches (Super Regional and State Finals Only)

        Wrestling = 6 Matches (Section and State Finals Only)


3.     Official must be in good standing with the AHSAA


4.     District Director Rating of Official


5.     Local Association Rating of Official


6.     Camp Attendance of Official


7.     Previous Playoff Experience