Officials' STAR Sportsmanship Requirements

The AHSAA Central Board of Control requires all officials who register with the AHSAA for the first time to complete the Officials Star Sportsmanship component prior to working their first contest. This process is required to be completed only once for the entire length of the official's career inclusive of all sports.  Please follow the directions listed below:

To Access STAR Sportsmanship as an Official:

Go to

Choose "Officials Sign In"

Enter login according to first letter of your last name:

Your last name: A thru  F: STAR04048
                        G thru  L: STAR04049
                        M thru R: STAR04050
                         S thru Z: STAR04051



1)  Due to officials being statewide, we broke the login codes down alphabetically.  Please choose your login based on the first letter of your last name.  When you enter the STAR login, you will enter the word "STAR" plus the five numbers.  There are no spaces.


2)  Once you enter the login, you will be asked to confirm your school information.  It will say AHSAA, Montgomery, AL.  This is the default name/address we used to generate the logins.   Officials click "OK" here. 


3)  The next screen will ask you to "Select Your Name".  If this is your FIRST time logging into STAR, your name will NOT be on the list.  You need to scroll down and click "Register" then enter your name.  From there you will be taken into the program.  If at any time you have to exit the program prior to completion, when you log back in, you will then select your name in the list.


4)  We have had a couple of instances where an official has logged in and when the program starts, they are seeing a black screen.  That means the Adobe Flash Player needs to be updated.  Please go to and on the home page on the right side will be a silver and red button that says "Get Adobe Flash Player".  Choose that one and download.