Officials' Rating & Classification Score


The Classification Score is based upon 7 categories: Summer Conference Attendance (5), District Camp Attendance (20), District Director Rating** (25), Local Association Rating*** (10), Classification Exam (20), Weekly Quiz Average (10), and Experience* (10).  State Camp Attendance will serve as bonus points (10).


Each category must be completed yearly (June 1 – May 31).  Note district or state camps held in April and May will count toward the following year.

Summer Conference Attendance = Maximum of 5 Points

District Director Rating = Maximum of 25 Points

Local Association Rating = Maximum of 10 Points
District Camp Attendance = 20 Points

Classification Exam = Maximum of 20 Points (based upon 100% grading scale)

Weekly Quiz Average = Maximum of 10 Points (based upon % of weekly test scores)
Years of Experience = Maximum of 10 Points based on following scale:
                                1 - 5 = 2 Points
                                6 - 10 = 4 Points
                              11 - 15 = 6 Points
                              16 - 20 = 8 Points
                              21 - Infinity = 10 Points

State Camp attendance will serve as a bonus in the year of the state camp.


Class 4 Official has a range of points from 90 to 100
Class 3 Official has a range of points from 80 to 89.9
Class 2 Official has a range of points from 70 to 79.9
Class 1 Official has a range of points from below 70

*Out of State NFHS experience is included with proper documentation.  Documentation must be provided by the State NFHS affiliated office.


**District Directors Rating of Official.  A maximum of 25 means an official is extremely qualified for state championship game.  A score of 23-24 means state finals qualified.  A score of 20-22 means state semi-finals (regionals/sectionals) qualified.  A score of 16-19 means playoff qualified.  A score of 11-15 means varsity level official with potential for playoffs.  A score of 6-10 means varsity capable official, not ready for playoffs.  A score of 1-5 means below varsity or clock only official.


***Local Association Rating of Official.  A maximum of 10 means the association would recommend for a championship game.  A score of 8-9 would mean official could call in playoffs.  A score of 6-7 is varsity with potential for playoffs.  Scores of 4-5 are varsity officials not ready for playoffs.  Scores below a 4 are below varsity officials or clocks only.