Officials' Fees

Officiating fees should be agreed upon in negotiations between the local officials association and the school. The AHSAA highly recommends that joint responsibility be assumed in the negotiations. The accomplishment of any such agreement can be complete only when the fee or fees agreed upon are within the ability of the school to pay and are also commensurate with the services rendered. Any agreed-upon fees must be within the maximum amount the schools are allowed to pay according to the AHSAA Maximum Fee Schedule (fees for each sport may be found in the current AHSAA Sports Book)

All officials understand that they are independent contractors officiating for the schools serviced by their local associations and the AHSAA. They agree when they register to abide by the constitution and by-laws of their local associations with whom they voluntarily choose to affiliate. They also agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations of the AHSAA with whom they voluntarily choose to affiliate during the current registration year.

They also understand that they are independent agents choosing to affiliate with their local associations and the AHSAA. Therefore, they release their local association officers and the AHSAA staff from any liability or responsibility for any damage or injury incurred by them to themselves or anyone else because of their officiating during the current registration year.

Finally, they understand that all taxes due on the income collected by them because of their officiating are their responsibility to file and not the responsibility of their local association or the AHSAA.

Other Fees

The fees that the schools are allowed to pay are outlined above. The schools will not be allowed to pay any other fees without the approval from the Central Board. The Central Board has previously approved an administrative fee for the local associations if the local associations take responsibility for handling all IRS Tax Requirements. This is the only additional fee that has been approved. A fee of $35.00 per school per sport is acceptable for this purpose.

The Application Fee for Registration purposes for the officials is $60.00 per sport plus $2.00 convenience fee charged by Arbiter Sports.  Restricted officials who are participating in the AHSAA/SDE high school sports officiating class will have this fee waived for one year.