Official of the Year Award


Selection Guidelines


There will be one selected from each district.  One will be selected from the district winners to be the state winner.  The following guidelines should be used in determining a worthy selection.


A worthy selection shall have:


a. Exhibited good moral and ethical character, as judged by acceptable societal standards.


b. Demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities.


c. Demonstrated a high quality of citizenship within the local AHSAA association, district and



d. Demonstrated a level of achievement or service which stands out from the ordinary.


e. Achieved honors and recognition which are a credit to that individual’s association and the

    AHSAA organization.


f. Provided service above the norm to the member schools of the AHSAA.



Active Official of the Year Award


AHSAA State Winners


Sport               2011                            2012                            2013                            2014


Baseball           C. J. Burdette              Bruce Matthews              Keith Turberville            Donnie Brown

Basketball       Marshall Davis            Jesse Draper                     Charles Reed                Pat Jolly

Football           Randy Mummert         Ray Henderson                  Chris Garner                Steve Newton

Soccer             Doug Nelson              Dale Vines                         Kevin Ashley               Chris Lukas

Softball           Henry Halbert             DeWayne Roden                Recie Armstrong           Larry Johnson

Track               Bob Lambert               Lauretta Horn                  David York                    Reggie Winston

Volleyball        Kathy Odom               Eugenia Baldwin                 Deb Lipscomb               Louis Doss

Wrestling         Ken Nixon                  Jeff Saxon                         Josh Bierman                Willie Staggs


AHSAA District Winners


Sport/District  2011                       2012                                2013                             2014



Baseball               Oscar Powell                 Donnie Brown                            Butch Brackin                        Donnie Brown

Basketball           Marshall Davis               Jason McCutcheon      Carol Hughes              Kedrick Freeman

Football              Robbie Hunt                   Billy Boswell                Chuck McKay              Jeff McCurley

Soccer                Dan Alidor                     Dale Vines                   Thai Huynh                  Ryan Campbell

Softball              Michael Newberry          Stewart Godwin           Arlin Davis                   Larry Johnson

Track                  Lemuel Rich                  Lauretta Horn              William Quina              Sheila Crenshaw

Volleyball           Jeannette Mangham      Faye Hussong             Milton Scarpa              Kelli Bryant

Wrestling           None                               None                           None                           None



Baseball           Jody Dorrill                      Bruce Mathews          Shane Cook                Jerry McGlone

Basketball         Sam Gipson                   Harvey Brown            Russell Gordon           Nathaniel Lawson

Football            Cleveland Gavin            Tracy Deal                  Randy Stough             Anthony McClain

Soccer              Sean Fernandes           Garrett Franklin          Marisa Younanian       Chris Lukas

Softball             Chris Kaminsky             Kevin Hancock           Recie Armstrong         Bill Hughes

Track                Bob Lambert                 James Ash                John Forti                     Bob Wheatley

Volleyball         Athena Metcalf             David Newell              Cedric Smith                Sterling McClennon

Wrestling         None                             None                         None                             None


South Central

Baseball           Tony Harris                 Eric Goshay                Jeff Wilson                  Philip Morton

Basketball       William Taylor            Mike Welcher              Charles Reed               Tommie Ellis

Football           Bill Roberts                 David Lott                  Chris Garner                Bobby Lowe

Soccer             None                           None                           None                           None

Softball           Charles Reed               Kim Guy                     Brad Horn                   Kim Guy

Track               Tim McDonough         Allen Smith                 Frank Ray                   Lauretta Horn

Volleyball        Dawn Dismukes          Eugenia Baldwin        Apple Kridakorn          Louis Doss

Wrestling         Ken Nixon                  T.J. Coleman               Josh Bierman             T.J. Coleman


West Central

Baseball           Don McNabb             Brian Sharpe              Dustin Ragsdale        Todd Agee

Basketball       Parrish Bowlin            Anthony Gary             Rayford Moss             Ken Barnett

Football           Greg Kosloff               Fred Hughes              Tim Rutledge              Fred Cody

Soccer             Doug Nelson               Thomas Holt               Myron Chwe              None

Softball           Henry Halbert             Marlon Murray            Michael Mullally         Jim Emfinger

Track              John Solomon             Allen Robinson           Willie Wiggins            Ericka Campbell

Volleyball        Walter Kolis                Earl Woods                 Brian Vickery              Bobby Davis

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


East Central

Baseball           Barry Ragsdale           Cecil Garrison             Michael Gladden        Matt Caldwell

Basketball        Brian Hagedorn          Earl Lybrand                Daniel Holmes            Billy Paul Williams

Football           Greg Bearden              Barry Ragsdale           John Beck                   Allen Gilbert

Soccer             None                           None                           None                           None

Softball           Henry Fountain            Donny Finlayson         Marian Hunter             Chris Garmon

Track               None                           None                           None                           None

Volleyball        Kathy Odom                Mark Dobbs                Deb Lipscomb              Tracey Woods

Wrestling         Brad Bentley               Brent Helms               Steve Thomas              Brent Helms


North Central

Baseball           C. J. Burdette            Roderick Holloway      Jeffrey Scott               Todd Burr

Basketball       Bobby Stewart            Karl Burns                   Nick Madsen               Kim Kiel

Football           Steve Newton             Ray Henderson           Jim Boteler                  Steve Newton

Soccer             Ted Wiggins                Eric Zimmer                Sam Haynes                Kris Rose

Softball           Veronica Campbell      William Kennedy         David Johnson            Chip Hobart

Track               Jim Pugh                     None                           David York                 Blake Calvert

Volleyball        Teresa McGinnis         Jonathan Holladay      Mike Pretnar               Vincent Medlock

Wrestling         Trent Williamson         Jeff Saxon                   Brad Moran                 Toney Pugh



Baseball           Larry Bradford           Marshall Young          Jonathan Sutton          Jason Lively

Basketball       Allen Cone                  Jesse Draper             Gary Reid                    Sonja Hard

Football           Will Rasely                  Scott Andrews           Ron Anderson             Mark Russell

Soccer             Charles Stanley         Richard Resler           Kevin Ashley                Paul Roberts

Softball            Greg Hill                     Ron White                   Nate Ayers                  Amanda Miller

Track               None                           None                           Bryan Lorge                Reggie Winston

Volleyball        Jill Harbin                    Bob Harris                   Christy Champion       Johnny Champion

Wrestling         Anthony Adams         Joel Loudon                Jack Stallings              Willie Staggs



Baseball           Bruno Black                Ricky Bryan                Keith Turberville         Robert Halbrooks

Basketball        Mark Dearen               Ron Harris                   Will Rasely                Pat Jolly

Football           Randy Mummert         Rob Cook                    Ron Slatton                 Chris Liles

Soccer             Pat Miller                    John Curran                 Mark Coleman            Cedric Thomas

Softball           Mark Carruth              DeWayne Roden          Jay Johnson               Jeff Halcomb

Track               None                           None                           Teresa Kyle                 None

Volleyball        Anthony Gunn            Cherrie Whitlow            Anthony Gunn           Wendy Wallace

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


Sport               2007                            2008                            2009                            2010


Baseball           Billy Owens                 Craig Kelley                  Mike Norris                   George Cavender

Basketball        Chuck Mason              Vincent McCaskey           Ron Collins                  Eddie Gray

Football           Johnny Scott               Mark Wehrwein              Ron Craddock              Charles McKinney

Soccer             Tom Pollard                Laureanne Bond             Ohannes Younanian      Scott Sweeney

Softball           Andy Latham              Sonny Jackson                Eddie Newell               Terry Cagle

Track              Chris Wisham              Houston Young              Connie McClinton      Randy Yarbrough

Volleyball        Rhonda Thompson       Sybil Ingram                 Becky Randolph         Cynthia Ellis

Wrestling         Shannon King             Ryan Hagan                   Tim Thomas                 Steve Thomas


AHSAA District Winners


Sport/District  2007                            2008                            2009                            2010



Baseball           John Phillips                Joey Pilgrim                Garrett Gibson           J. T. Cooper

Basketball       Chuck Mason              Tim Porter                   Bill Wiggins                Sonny Scyphers

Football           Don English                Willie Crabtree            Allen Duhon               Robert Lose

Soccer             Ed Oetken                   Frank Cunningham     Eric Ackerman            Griffin Shreves

Softball           Matt Dial                     Aden Thomas              Larry Wallace              Hayward Andrews

Track               None                           Houston Young          Charles Miller              Tom Ritchie

Volleyball        Shirley Christenberry  Dale Vines                  Mary Ellen Pearson     Cynthia Ellis

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None



Baseball           Jed Blackwell              Brett Armstrong          Jerry McGlone Matt Raiti

Basketball       Sabrina Wingard         Levi Knight                 Joe Kyles                     Yolanda Terry

Football           Avon Bosarge             Doug Baxter               Rhonda Kirk               Jason Howell

Soccer             Miguel Caballero         Dale Thomas               Ohannes Younanian    Ken Staton

Softball           Mike Heath                 Ray Hope                    Larry Smith                 Chuck Glanton

Track               None                           None                           Bob Wheatley             Ronnie Glover

Volleyball        Markel Elkins              Melanie Davis             Wanda Weeks             Eunice Knight

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


South Central

Baseball           Jeremy Pridgeon         Marlon Reynolds        Jeremy Pridgeon         Jeff Wilson

Basketball       Joe Davis                     Joe Cameron               Ron Collins                 Wayne Watford

Football           Mike Claridy               Ron Jones                    Stan Dixon                  Charles Smith

Soccer             James Hanson             Laureanne Bond         Talha Dikgitmez          Talha Dikgitmez

Softball           Lew Baxter                 Sonny Jackson            Mike Greenlee             John Killough

Track               Chris Wisham              None                           Connie McClinton      Darryl Woods

Volleyball        Beverly Duncan          Jennifer Treadwell      Morris Griggs              Harold Lockett

Wrestling         Brandon Harris           Doug Baxter               Justin Miller                Josh Bierman


West Central

Baseball           Gerald Carter              Steve Foster                Mike Norris                 Terry Jackson

Basketball       Henry Halbert             Vincent McCaskey     Marvin Wiggins          Pat Donovan

Football           Jimmy Chaffin            Burt Willis                   Tony Reaves               Charles McKinney

Soccer             Bob Johnson               Patrick Murray            Nathan Doehring        Rusty Yerkes

Softball           Wallace Miller, Sr.      Larry Kirk                   Roosevelt Spencer      Terry Cagle

Track               None                           None                           None                           None

Volleyball        Nakesha Coleman       Kris Garrison               Barbara Smith             Stephanie Grimes

Wrestling         None                           None                           Jeremy Brown             Jeremy Brown


East Central

Baseball           John Ewing                 Tim Scruggs                Michael Gladden        Cecil Garrison

Basketball       Don Smith                   Billy Williams             Bill Young                  Nick Hall

Football           Stan Batey                  Karl Nobles                 Craig Cannon              Bill Boos

Soccer             None                           Gustavo Vargas          Eric Pollard                 None

Softball           Jeremiah Patterson      Casey Rager                Marian Hunter             Tyler Daffron

Track               None                           Mike Allison               Dick Bell                     Matthew Livingston

Volleyball        Kathy Odom               Deb Lipscomb             Kathy Odom               Kathy Odom

Wrestling         Shannon King             Brad Bentley               Tim Thomas                Steve Thomas


North Central

Baseball           Craig Kelley                Craig Kelley                Quincy Brown            Lance Weems

Basketball       Rickey Henderson      Jason Hill                    Elliott Carr                  Eddie Gray

Football           Johnny Scott               John Moriarty              Ron Craddock            Anthony Johnson

Soccer             Ken Headley               Scott Bodolosky         Danny Colpo               Scott Sweeney

Softball           Don Richards              Patsy Burke                 James Naramore          Willie Moore IV

Track               John Bahakel               Bill Evans                    Walt Bell                     Randy Yarbrough

Volleyball        Greg Farris                  Sybil Ingram               Myra Miles                  Willie Moore III

Wrestling         Jeff Saxon                   Ryan Hagan                Dwight Buzbee           Mike Swinson



Baseball           Al Deerman                 Chuck Ellis                  Randy Wells               George Cavender

Basketball       Bobby Brown             Robert Chaney            Sonja Hard                  Wayne Manord

Football           David Bell                   Mark Wehrwein          Frank Sport                 DeWayne Barrentine

Soccer             Rickey Hyde               None                           Charles Stanley           Otto Mueller

Softball           Andy Latham              Mo Price                      Nancy Price                 Georgia Walker

Track               None                           None                           Buddy Jones               Tim Wigley

Volleyball        Janet Latham               Margaret Helms          Becky Randolph         Allen Cone

Wrestling         Jeff Haase                   Willie Staggs               Erick Pratt                   Daniel Featherston



Baseball           Billy Owens                Lee Walker                  Ken Boster                  Dan Glossner

Basketball       Rod Gillott                  Willie Moore               Rebecca Randolph      Brian McCollum

Football           Eddie Newell              Roger Shireman          Brad Wood                 Todd Burbank

Soccer             Tom Pollard                Richard Robinson       A. J. Hicks                  Steve Walker

Softball           Bill White                    Eddie Newell              Eddie Newell              Dale Simmons

Track               None                           Dawn Guin                 Kay Carlo                    Joey Kyle

Volleyball        Rhonda Thompson      Ken Galloway             Wanishea Leonard      Walter Young

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None

Sport               2003                            2004                            2005                            2006


Baseball           Doug Markstrom         David Cole                  Alton Smith                Mark Wehrwein

Basketball       Marshall Davis            Bobby Stewart                        Rick Mularz                Stan Dixon

Football           Herb Larnerd              Don Sasser                  John Hays                   Harvel Owens

Soccer             Ray Tyc                       Hugh Griffis               David Adams              Dale Lee

Softball           Roger Pennington       Rhonda Kirk               Patsy Burke                 Keith Durham

Volleyball        Sonja Hard                  Clyde Cross                Kathy Odom               Lisa Vickery

Wrestling         Brad Bentley               Jeff Haase                   Lloyd Hillman             Brad Bentley


AHSAA District Winners


Sport/District  2003                            2004                            2005                            2006




Baseball           Jim Sudeiha                 Mike Becton               Eddie Robinson          Wilburn Perry

Basketball       Marshall Davis            Ron Pelletier               John Beech                  Donald Belle

Football           Dick Clark                   Allen Duhon               John Hays                   Harvel Owens

Soccer             Jaime Abastoflor         Fred Miljak                 Frank Cunningham     Dale Alidor

Softball           Tommy Wallace          Herb Bailey                 Lane Lawley               Karen Hackshaw

Volleyball        Lori Duett                   David Nelson              Cynthia Ellis               Cindy Dyess

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None




Baseball           Ken Helms                  Mike Cassaday            Derek Milton               Eleazar Kovalov

Basketball       Vaughn Daniels          Marius Dockery          Rick Mularz                Vernell McKay

Football           Ron Jones                    Don Sasser                  Jonathan McNeil         Warren Bowron

Soccer             Todd Clifford             Todd Clifford             Ohannes Younanian    Dale Thomas

Softball           Sam Weeks                 Rhonda Kirk               Rick Mularz                Don Nix

Volleyball        Barbara Sherwood      Scott Johnson              Melanie Davis             Scotty Sauers

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


South Central


Baseball           Charles Carter             David Cole                  Ronnie Garner             Ty Howard

Basketball       Mickey Cunningham   John Parks                   Darrell Bowen             Stan Dixon

Football           Slay Stevens                Perry Butler                 Bubba Roberts                        Bobby Lowe

Soccer             Chris Dupuis               None                           James Hanson             Geraldo DeSouza

Softball           Robert Kuhn               Robert Armstrong       Jennifer Treadwell      Ken Allen

Volleyball        Marcia Surles              Clyde Cross                Harold McNeill           Lisa Vickery

Wrestling         David Grant                David Relf                  David Grant                None


West Central


Baseball           Don McNabb              Steve Foster                Sean Thibodeaux        Darwin Dyess

Basketball       Ed Foster                    Alan McShan              Willie Wiggins Tom Scott

Football           Fred Hughes               Tom Danner                Steve Johnson             Glen Woodruff

Soccer             Ray Tyc                       Charles Carson            Jimmie Varnado          Doug Nelson

Softball           Rudy Parker                Roosevelt Spencer      Keith Durham             Keith Durham

Volleyball        Traci Davidson            Leah Lyons                 Ann Hollis                   Tara Griffin

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


East Central


Baseball           Matt Caldwell             Steve Gross                 Johnny Bone               Tim Scruggs

Basketball       Sammy Teel                James Brown               Courtney Walker         Mike Sizemore

Football           Eugene Reynolds        Butch Herb                 Wayne Carden                        Terry Snow

Soccer             Gary Kritlow               Henry Ford                 None                           Ken Wrye

Softball           Wayne Wigley Jimmy Champion        Danny Powell             Jamie Champion

Volleyball        Sonja Hard                  Lynn Batey                 Kathy Odom               Kathy Odom

Wrestling         Brad Bentley               Chuck Delker              Brad Bentley               Brad Bentley


North Central


Baseball           Doug Markstrom         Randy Everett             Craig Kelley                Doug Markstrom

Basketball       Earnest Jackson           Bobby Stewart                        Jesse Thompson          Ron Craddock

Football           Allen Franklin             Jim Boteler                  Harold Hagler             Steve Newton

Soccer             Margaret Hines           Jim Cobern                  David Adams              Dale Lee

Softball           Lamar Butts                Wally Bryan                Patsy Burke                 Greg Pendley

Volleyball        Dennis Blazer              Janice Jordan               Lessie Gaddis             Betty Reeves

Wrestling         Derek Henry               Brian Rice                   Derek Henry               Randy Haught




Baseball           Greg Tanner                Randy Moody             Tracy Cheek                Mark Wehrwein

Basketball       Sonja Hard                  Duane Burks               Wayne Flannagan       Bob Chaney

Football           Herb Larnerd              Tom Edwards             Phillip Davenport        Bill Cole

Soccer             Rick Martin                 Hugh Griffis               Doug Kidd                  Hugh Griffis

Softball           Mark Green                 Sarah Richardson        Ernest Brown              Keith Thrasher

Volleyball        Greg Wilson                Andy Latham              Duane Burks               Preanza Eggleston-Hayes

Wrestling         Danny Featherston      Jeff Haase                   Lloyd Hillman             Willie Staggs




Baseball           Bruno Black                Keith Turberville         Alton Smith                Ricky Bryan

Basketball       Thomas Owens           Mark Dearen               Ken Barnett                Heath Trousdale

Football           Farris Satterfield         Preston Hillis               Thomas Watkins         Gene Dickinson

Soccer             None                           None                           Pat Miller                    Scott Peeden

Softball           Roger Pennington       Gary Hicks                  Steve Atkins               Roger Pennington

Volleyball        Claude Grant              Bob Harris                   Laura Clem                 Ken Galloway

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


Sport               1999                            2000                            2001                            2002


Baseball           Mark Capps                 Mike Norris                 Robert Lose                Terry Jinright

Basketball       Bob Harris                   Greg England              Paul Greene                 Phillip Higginbotham

Football           Owen Drake                Don Widner                Mark Jones                  Jeff Hilyer

Soccer             Paul Stanton                Ben Martin                  Bill Walker                  Larry Muench

Softball           Linda Hatchett                        James Lamon              Ron Alexander            Steve Nelson

Volleyball        Marcia Surles              Cheryl Smith               Pat Martin                   Melanie Davis

Wrestling         Jim Chambers              Dwight Buzbee           Jeff Saxon                   Willie Staggs


AHSAA District Winners


Sport/District  1999                            2000                            2001                            2002




Baseball           None                           Martin Stanley            Robert Lose                Tim Dees

Basketball       None                           Kevin Assmann           Paul Greene                 Wilmer Sigler

Football           None                           Bill Etheridge              Jim Sciple                    Harvel Owens

Soccer             None                           None                           Dale Vines                  Jason McQueen

Softball           None                           None                           Larry Johnson             Butch Newton

Volleyball        None                           None                           Cindy Dyess               Sharon Pierce

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None




Baseball           None                           Larry Galloway           Doyle Stevenson         Terry Jinright

Basketball       None                           Arlin Davis                  Shelby Tuck                Joe Kyles

Football           None                           Tim Hewitt                  Jackie Battles              Larry Smith

Soccer             None                           None                           Larry Muench             Larry Muench

Softball           None                           None                           Rhonda Kirk               Don Nix

Volleyball        None                           None                           Tango Tran                  Melanie Davis

Wrestling         None                           None                           None                           None


South Central


Baseball           None                           Chris Baxter                Ray Meredith              Doug Baxter

Basketball       None                           Tim Redden                Tommy Claridy           Ken Carson

Football           None                           Dale Arnette               Eddie Newton            Jeff Hilyer

Soccer             None                           None                           John Salvador             Lowell Frobish

Softball           None                           None                           Harmon King, Sr.        Harold McNeil

Volleyball        None                           None                           Lisa Hawkes               Dawn Wells

Wrestling         None                           Mike Swinson             David Relf                  David Grant


West Central


Baseball           None                           Mike Norris                 Greg Kosloff               Don McNabb

Basketball       None                           John Solomon             George Brown            Tony Reaves

Football           None                           Greg Kosloff               Tom Danner                Bobby Shaw

Soccer             None                           None                           Bill Walker                  Jordan Hernandez

Softball           None                           None                           Terry Cook                  James Gunter

Volleyball        None                           None                           Pam Phillips                Chanda Shephard

Wrestling         None                           None                           Greg Fedor                  Steve Davis


East Central


Baseball                                               Johnny Bone               Skip Powe                   Robert Howell

Basketball                                           Jeff Chappell               Gerald Whaley            Phillip Higginbotham

Football                                               Perry Canada              Mark Jones                  Eddie Vance

Soccer                                                 None                           Bobby Rogers             Urs “Sam” Waelti

Softball                                               None                           Danny Powell             Steve Nelson

Volleyball                                            None                           Pat Martin                   Geoff Sharpe

Wrestling                                             None                           Jim Chambers              Gary Sparks


North Central


Baseball                                               Steve Miller                 Harold Miller              Chris Sanders

Basketball                                           Greg England              Lewis Elmore              Greg Farris

Football                                               Steve Bailey                Bob Wells                   Rick Arnold

Soccer                                                 None                           Debbie Simpkin          Matt Hageman

Softball                                               None                           Jeff Madaris                Craig Hyde

Volleyball                                            None                           Patsy Burke                 Sheila Knight

Wrestling                                             Dwight Buzbee           Jeff Saxon                   Dwight Buzbee




Baseball                                               Mark Wehrwein          Tracy Cheek                Randy Moody

Basketball                                           Lee Dobbins                Theromiles Flowers     Kelly Armstrong

Football                                               Tony Duncan              Bobby Noles               Travis Tidmore

Soccer                                                 None                           Bob Linner                  Steve Walker

Softball                                               None                           Ron Alexander            Alan Washburn

Volleyball                                            None                           Nancy Price                 Cynthia Clopton

Wrestling                                             None                           Willie Staggs               Willie Staggs




Baseball                                               Larry Grissom             Sam Brown                 Wayne Cobb

Basketball                                           Stewart Stephenson    Billy Hudson               Mike Newman

Football                                               Don Widner                Griff Crittenden          Larry McAllister

Soccer                                                 None                           Mike Williamson         David Stephenson

Softball                                               None                           Danny Arnold             Steve Mardis

Volleyball                                            None                           Myra Miles                  Wanda Leonard

Wrestling                                             None                           None                           None