Guidelines For Local Association Affiliation 


1. A letter requesting consideration for the approval of a new association must be sent to the State Office. In addition, the following information is to be provided:

    a. A list of applicants (minimum number as required by the minimum standards)
must be submitted in conjunction with this letter to the State Office.

    b. Evidence must be provided to the State Office that a new association is needed in that location. This evidence must include but is not limited to a list of schools that are willing to contract with the new association. Letters from each of the

schools listed must be included in the evidence submitted. (Minimum of 4)

     c. The letter must indicate to the State Office whether or not the new association is requesting Restricted status or Regular status. A Regular association is eligible to work any AHSAA contest. (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Junior High, Middle School) A Restricted association is eligible to work only grades 7-9. (Junior High, Middle School) Any Regular or Restricted association may work other contests for other organizations.  However, all AHSAA affiliated associations must serve member schools while being affiliated with the AHSAA. The AHSAA is not responsible for any action or lack of action by an official or association which may be deemed as negligent in any non AHSAA contest.

2. The State Office will give consideration for the approval of the application for affiliation based on all information provided to or obtained by the State Office prior to the officers’ meeting for that sport. This deadline may be extended in an emergency situation.

3. If a regular local association fails to meet any of the minimum standards or AHSAA rules and regulations, it is subject to being dissolved of AHSAA affiliation. If a regular local association fails to contract with a minimum of 4 AHSAA member schools for a season, it's status may be reduced to Restricted or be subject to being dissolved of AHSAA affiliation. The local association will be notified in writing at the time this is done.

4. When dissolved of AHSAA affiliation, a local association must wait a period of two years before it will be eligible to regain affiliated status. After two years have passed, regular or Restricted status may be granted to the dissolved association when it has followed the application procedure given above for new associations.