Application & Registration Procedure



 1. You must go to the Members Login link on this page and create a record of your individual information. This is only done one time. You will be issued a temporary official's number. You will reference this temporary number until a permanent number is assigned to you at the completion of the registration process.

2. You will then go to the Local Association Contact link on this page to find out which AHSAA affiliated association you wish to join. All officials must be a member of a local affiliated association. Most officials join the closest association to them but this is not required.  A local association is not required to accept you as a member either.

3. You will then contact them and continue your registration process through that association. (payment of fees, testing, obtaining rule books, etc.)  The AHSAA application fee for registration purposes is $50.00 payable to the AHSAA through your local association.

4.  If you are teaching a high school sports officiating class in an AHSAA member school, you are required to register as a sports official.  You will be required to pay the application fee ($50.00) only and no other local fees as long as you do not receive any active assignments from the local association.  If you teach and choose to be an active official where you do get assignments, then you will be subject to paying all fees required by the local association.

Local Association Registration Procedure:

1. Local association begins collecting application fees from the prospective members. The application fees which include the names and official's numbers of the prospective members are submitted to the State Office. (New and Returning Prospective Members) All Application fees sent via mail must be sent from the appropriate local association officer to the state office via check or money order. Cash will not be accepted unless delivered in person. Application fees are non-refundable.

2. Local association officers attend district meeting to obtain books and materials.

3. Local associations begin meeting, distributing rule books and preparing applicants for the online rules clinic and exam.

4. Applicants must complete an online required clinic and take the online pre-registration exam. Applicant will not be allowed to test for registration until his application fee has been processed by the state office via his local association.

5. Online Rules Clinic and Test Results are automatically entered into database. Results are obtained online by designated officers and individual applicant.

6. State Office begins registration of each applicant.
(a) Current classification determined and confirmed.
(b) Current classification entered into each applicant's record.
(c) All eligible applicants processed in computer.
(d) Officials cards printed with receipts.
(e) Daily transaction journal printed.
(f) Master history file updated.
(g) Officials cards with receipts are mailed to each local association.

7. Officials are considered to be registered with the AHSAA when they receive their official’s cards from a designated local association officer. This does not mean that the official is a member of the local association with whom he/she has affiliated. These registration cards are for identification purposes only and do not entitle the bearers or anyone else free admission to any AHSAA event. Also, these cards are non-transferable. Anyone who improperly uses these cards or patches will be subject to penalty. A registered official may not identify themselves as an AHSAA official in any non-sanctioned event or contest including those events or contests for any other organization without written permission from the AHSAA.

8. The AHSAA reserves the right not to register an individual applicant or group of applicants. This AHSAA action voids the applicant’s membership in any AHSAA sanctioned local association.  An official is registered annually by sport.  The registration in a sport is only good for one year.  Each subsequent year after the first year an official must Re-Apply for registration again in that sport.  Membership in an AHSAA affiliated association is based on the local association Constitution or By-Laws and the registration requirements as stated previously in this paragraph.

9. Any college or high school student age 16 or above is exempt from taking the Preregistration Exam if they have completed a current (same year) sports officiating course in that sport.