Alabama Ranks Fourth in NFHS TV Network Subscribers

 The NFHS TV Network's first subscriber rankings of the 2014-15 school year released Monday showed Alabama ranking fourth nationally, trailing only Georgia, California and Tennessee.
   The AHSAA is also ranked second for the two-month period of August-September in respect to network referrals. The Illinois High School Association ranks first.
    The Network has broadcast more than 3,500 events this school year through September with virtually all of them through the School Broadcast Program available. Many AHSAA member schools are taking part in the SBP program. The total schools nationwide is up to 1,070 – a 57 percent increase over last year.
    The NFHS Network will broadcast (live-stream) the AHSAA State Volleyball Championships, State Cross Country Championships, State Swimming & Diving Championships and many of the AHSAA state football playoff games in the coming weeks.
    The current NFHS rankings, based on number of subscribers, are:
1. Georgia
2. California
3. Tennessee
4. Alabama
5. Florida
6. Texas
7. Illinois
8. New Mexico
9. Colorado
10. South Carolina

The current NFHS rankings, based on number of network referrals are:
1. IHSA.org (Illinois)
2. AHSAA.com (Alabama)
3. GHSA.net (Georgia)
4. MHSAA.com (Michigan)
5. CHSAA.com (California)
6. WIAAWI.org (Wisconsin)
7. WIAA.com (Washington)
8. TSSAA.org (Tennessee)
9. OSAA.org (Oregon)
10. FHSAA.org (Florida)

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