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Vestavia Boys, Thompson Girls Capture Top Seeds in First Round Thursday AHSAA Bowling Tourney Championship Bracket Set for Friday’s Final Round

  PELHAM – Vestavia Hills High School’s boys bowled a 3,014 pin total in the first day’s traditional bowling round of the AHSAA State Bowling Championships Thursday to take a top seed into Friday’s championship bracket round of play. Thompson earned top seed in the girls’ competition with a 2,396 total. Both totals are new traditional series team state tournament records.
    Schools bowled Thursday for seeding purposes – setting the stage for a 16-team dual match single elimination bracket in the final day of competition at Pelham’s Oak Mountain Lanes Friday.
    The second annual AHSAA State Bowling Championships saw team scores soar to new heights with five schools surpassing last year’s record-setting first-day series of 2,713 bowled by Stanhope Elmore. Each team, consisting of five players, bowled three rounds of traditional three-game series. The Rebels posted a 992-985-1,037—3,014 series. The third-round total also broke the record of 1,024 set by Mary Montgomery in 2016. East Limestone also surpassed last year’s total with a 1,032 score in the third round Thursday. The Indians had a team total of 2,786 and joined Spain Park (2,857), James Clemens (2,788) and Stanhope Elmore (2,753) is eclipsed last year’s series overall record.
    Vestavia Hills will face Northview in the first round Friday morning. Second seed and defending state champion Spain Park will meet Indian Springs. A total of eight first-round games will be followed with for quarterfinal matches, two semifinals and the finals in each division, set for 5 p.m.
   East Limestone’s Brendan Ferris rolled a 262-227-222—711 series to set a new boys’ tradition series state tournament record Thursday. His 262 game in the first round was the second highest boys’ single-game total of the day. Christian Dobbs of Etowah had the best game, a 277 rolled in game three, but finished 11th overall with a 595 series. Zachary Ward of Stanhope Elmore finished second behind Ferris in the individual scoring with a 213-214-246—673 total. Brett Kilgore of Grissom was third at 211-203-236—650.
Lady Warriors Roll to Top Seed
      Thompson, the South Regional tournament girls’ champion in 2016 and 2017, led the girls’ team scoring by 198 pins over Southside-Gadsden, the 2017 North Regional champion. The Lady Warrior posted scores of 839-733-819—2,396 while Southside’s total was 716-761-721—2,198.
    Thompson, which set a single-round record with the 839 total, will open the championship bracket Friday morning against Lamar County. Southside’s Panthers, the second seed, will meet Foley in the first round. Defending girls’ state champ Sparkman posted a 2,059 total and will be seventh seed Friday.
     Macy Fields of Tuscaloosa’s Capitol School bowled 195-179-212—586 to lead the girls’ individual competition Thursday. Teammates Jessica Lynn Sherman and Alexianna Griffin of Thompson posted series of 518 and 509 to finish 2-3 behind Fields.
     Fields’ 212 game in the third round was the high for the girls. Thompson’s Katie Keener had a 200 in the first round for the only other 200-plus game of the day in the girls’ competition.

AHSAA State Bowling Championships
At Oak Mountain Lanes, Pelham
(Each match consists of 5 Baker Format games)
First Round, 8 a.m.; Finals set for 5 p.m.
Thompson (top seed) vs. Lamar County
Spain Park vs. Capitol School
Vestavia Hills vs. Auburn
Gulf Shores vs. Hartselle
Etowah vs. Pelham
James Clemens vs. Mary Montgomery
Sparkman vs. Pinson Valley
Foley vs. Southside-Gadsden (second seed)
Vestavia Hills (top seed) vs. Northview
Auburn vs. Thompson
Stanhope Elmore vs. Gadsden City
Etowah vs. East Limestone
James Clemens vs. Madison County
Mary Montgomery vs. Hewitt-Trussville
Grissom vs. Lincoln
Indian Springs vs. Spain Park (second seed)

AHSAA State Bowling Championships
At Oak Mountain Lanes, Pelham
Thursday’s Results (Traditional Series)
Team Scoring
Thompson                       839-733-819—2,396
Southside-Gadsden         716-761-721—2,198
Etowah                            772-733-690—2,195
Hartselle                          789-639-666—2,094
Vestavia Hills                   697-733-658—2,088
Mary Montgomery         739-710-626—2,075
Sparkman                        657-723-679—2,059
Spain Park                       706-693-647—2,046
Capitol School                 698-688-643—2,029
Pinson Valley                   592-697-729—2,018
James Clemens               666-693-600—2,011
Auburn                             582-764-642—1,978
Gulf Shores                      594-671-643—1,908
Pelham                             637-644-601—1,882
Foley                                646-584-601—1,831
Lamar County                  557-511-605—1,673

Team Scoring
Vestavia Hills                   992-985-1037—3,014
Spain Park                       939-941-977—2,857
James Clemens               942-963-883—2,788
East Limestone                918-836-1032—2,786
Stanhope Elmore            901-923-929—2,753
Hewitt-Trussville             765-897-917—2,579
Grissom                            795-885-878—2,558
Auburn                             781-890-837—2,508
Thompson                        816-889-763—2,468
Lincoln                             885-781-749—2,415
Mary Montgomery         772-790-844—2,406
Gadsden City                   831-778-795—2,404
Etowah                            757-756-852—2,365
Madison County             768-723-850—2,341
Indian Springs                 751-690-775—2,216
Northview                       569-860-666—2,095

Girls’ Series (Top 15)
Macy Fields, Capitol School                       195-179-212—586
Jessica Lynn Sherman, Thompson            180-156-182—518
Alexianna Griffin, Thompson                     168-181-160—509
Jessica Clontz, Southside-Gadsden           167-173-167—507
Mary Katherine Tedder, Spain Park         163-163-175—501
Kailie Kruszewski, Mary Montgomery      171-165-159—495
TK Gibbs, Etowah                                       142-167-178—487
Katie Keener, Thompson                           200-125-160—485
Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman                          169-157-150—476
Emily Cowart, Hartselle                             182-168-125—475
Lexi Gibbs, Etowah                                     174-133-161—468
Jenny Kim, Auburn                                     153-185-127—465
Ruth Adams, Auburn                                 114-168-178—460
Emily Jane Hardy, Vestavia Hills               147-166-146—459
Hayley Bedingfield, James Clemens         181-142-135—458

Girls’ High Games
Round 1
Katie Keener, Thompson                           200
Macy Fields, Capitol School                       195
Brittany Guy, Foley                                    191
Emily Cowart, Hartselle                             182
Hayley Bedingfield, J. Clemens                 181
Jessica Lynn Sherman, Thompson            180
Round 2
Jackie Beard, Sparkman                             189
Jenny Kim, Auburn                                     185
Alexianna Griffin, Thompson                     181
Shaley Smith, James Clemens                   180
Macy Fields, Capitol School                       179
Camille Mask, M Montgomery                 175
Round 3
Macy Fields, Capitol School                       212
Jessica Lynn Sherman, Thompson            182
TK Gibbs, Etowah                                       178
Ruth Adams, Auburn                                 178
Mary Katherine Tedder, Spain Park         175
Gillian Baker, Thompson                            170


Boys’ Series (Top 15)
Brendan Ferris, East Limestone                262-227-222—711
Zachary Ward, Stanhope Elmore              213-214-246—673
Brett Kilgore, Grissom                                211-203-236—650
Dan Zhang, Auburn                                    216-242-176—634
Sam Lawton, Vestavia Hills                       213-199-214—626
Andrew Harris, Spain Park                        213-153-247—613
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills                          227-156-227—610
James Roberts, James Clemens                219-191-192—602
Travis Saunders, Vestavia Hills                 206-202-190—598
Michael Kosinski, James Clemens             158-257-183—598
Christian Dobbs, Etowah                           169-149-277—595
Caleb Farmer, Thompson                          186-225-183—594
Mason Maners, Vestavia Hills                   200-206-182—588
Joshua Wilson, Stanhope Elmore             208-200-178—586
Tyler Fannin, Mary Montgomery              214-188-182—584

Boys’ High Games
Round 1
Brendan Ferris, East Limestone                262
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills                          227
Devin Morgan, Lincoln                               223
Seth Perry, Gadsden City                          220
Luca Connor, James Clemens                    219
Dan Zhang, Auburn                                    216
Round 2
Michael Kosinski, James Clemens             257
Jordan Faggard, Hewitt-Trussville            246
Dan Zhang, Auburn                                    242
Jalen Johnson, Spain Park                         228
Brendan Ferris, East Limestone                227
Caleb Farner, Thompson                           225
Round 3
Christian Dobbs, Etowah                           277
Andrew Harris, Spain Park                        247
Zachary Ward, Stanhope Elmore              246
Daniel Torres, East Limestone                   246
Brett Kilgore, Grissom                                236
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills                          227

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