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Southside Girls, Thompson Boys Claim State Bowling Championships Friday

    PELHAM – Southside-Gadsden High School won its fourth straight AHSAA Girls’ State Bowling championship Friday at Pelham’s Oak Mountain Lanes, and Thompson High School’s boys captured their first state title.
Southside-Gadsden met Thompson’s girls in the finals for the second straight year with Grace Ann Clontz rolling a 233 traditional game to give the Panthers a 29-pin win over the Warriors, 1,556 to 1,537. Teammate Ashlee Hull, who had the top four-game traditional series (841) Friday, also rolled a 214. Clontz also had a 825 series, and Thompson’s Gracie Connelly, who had 203 in the finals, finished with an 808 series for the Warriors. The combined 3,093 pins set a new state tourney record for girls, breaking the previous record (2,1814) by 279 pins.
    Thompson beat Sparkman by 134 pins with a 1,565 total in the boys’ finals. Sparkman rolled a 1,431.  Jacob Ackers and Landon Masters the Warriors of Coach Chris Hollingsworth with traditional games of 193 and 201, respectively, and finished 1-2 overall Friday with four-game series totals of 843 and 734 pins. Cole Arsenault led the Senators with A 223 in the finals and had an 822 series total  for third best. Caleb Farmer’s 203 was the top traditional game for Thompson.
     Coach Zachary Blume’s Panthers reached the finals with a strong 1,533-team total in the semifinals to beat Sparkman (1,295) by 238 pins. Thompson’s girls, also coached by Hollingsworth, had a closer semifinal match with Stanhope Elmore, winning 1,463 to 1,305. Southside also posted team scores of 1,400 and 1,383 to win its first two matches Friday over St. Clair County and Hazel Green. The Warriors beat Hokes Bluff and American Christian by 322 and 650 pins in the first two matches posting team totals of 1,473 and 1,560, respectively.
     Thompson’s boys beat Northridge 1,502 -1,365, Gadsden City in a high-scoring 1,587 – 1,421 win in the second round and toppled Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa in an even higher-scoring battle 1,578 – 1,448 to reach the finals.
    Sparkman, coached by Lisa Ivey, downed Southside-Gadsden, Auburn and Oak Mountain on the way to the finals. The Senators posted team totals of 1,563, 1,491 and 1,422 to win the matches by 304 pins, 18 pins and   142 pins, respectively.
    Gadsden City senior Dakota Jones rolled the best traditional game Friday’s competition with a near-perfect 287 in the Titans’ first-round win over Corner. The state-meet record was set by another Gadsden City bowler
Jon Kilgo, who rolled a perfect 300 round for Gadsden City in the 2016 state tourney. Jones’ total ranks No. 2. Thompson’s Landon Masters had a 261 in the quarterfinals for the next best boys’ traditional game.
   Southside-Gadsden senior Ashlee Hull’s 245 in the semifinals was the top game in the girls’ field Friday. Clontz’s 233 in the final match was the next best single game effort.

   Complete team and individual results and Friday’s single-elimination 16-team team championship brackets for each division can be found at in the in-season results bowling second on the front page of the website.

Friday’s Championship Bracket

Single elimination team play starts at 8 a.m. Finals are set for approximately 4 p.m.
Championship Match

Southside-Gadsden 1,556, Thompson 1,527
Southside-Gadsden 1,533,  Sparkman 1,295
Thompson 1,463, Stanhope Elmore 1,305
Southside-Gadsden 1,383, Hazel Green 1,086
Sparkman 1,186, Vestavia Hills 1,146
Stanhope Elmore 1,389, Baker 1,147
Thompson 1,560, American Christian 910
First Round
Southside-Gadsden 1,400, St. Clair County 949
Hazel Green 1,073, Hewitt-Trussville 1,055
Vestavia Hills 1,148, Spain Park 1,105
Sparkman 1,208, Pelham 1,028
Stanhope Elmore 1,402, Dothan 943
Baker 1,160, Gulf Shores 999
American Christian 1,046, Hartselle 896
Thompson 1,473, Hokes Bluff 1,051

BOYS’ Bracket
Championship Match

Thompson 1,565, Sparkman 1,431
Thompson 1,578, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa 1,448
Sparkman 1,422, Oak Mountain 1,280
Thompson 1,587, Gadsden City 1,421
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa 1,447, Hoover 1,238
Sparkman 1,491, Auburn 1,473
Oak Mountain 1,462, East Limestone 1,366
First Round
Thompson 1,502, Northridge 1,365
Gadsden City 1,621, Corner 1,306
Hoover 1,579, Hewitt-Trussville 1,485
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa 1,492, Stanhope Elmore 1,292
Sparkman 1,563, Southside-Gadsden 1,259
Auburn 1,498, Spain Park 1,304
Oak Mountain 1,504, Mary Montgomery 1,446
East Limestone 1,545, Vestavia Hills 1,492

(Top Games)

Southside-Gadsden         975
Thompson                        908
Baker Format
Thompson                        230 (third game)
Thompson                        225 (first game)
Southside-Gadsden         217 (second game)


Southside-Gadsden         960
Thompson                        943
Baker Format
Southside-Gadsden         202 (second game)
Southside-Gadsden         190 (third game)
Thompson                        190 (third game)
Southside-Gadsden         181 (first game)


Thompson                        1,008
Southside-Gadsden            938
Sparkman                           804
Baker Format
Stanhope Elmore            213 (first game)
Thompson                        205 (second game)
Thompson                        200 (third game)            

First Round

Thompson                        946
Southside-Gadsden         921
Baker Format
Thompson                        205 (second game)
Spain Park                       183 (third game)
Stanhope Elmore            170 (first game)

(Top Games)

Thompson                        989
Sparkman                        905
Baker Format
Thompson                        227 (third game)
Thompson                        175 (second game)
Thompson                        174 (first game)


Thompson                        988
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa        981
Baker Format
Sparkman                        233 (first game)
Thompson                        218 (second game)
Thompson                        169 (third game)

Sparkman                        1,008
Thompson                           984
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa           946
Baker Format
Auburn                             223 (third game)
Thompson                        215 (second game)
Thompson                        203 (first game)

First Round

Gadsden City                   1,065 (first game – new state record)*
Sparkman                        1,004
Hoover                                965
Baker Format
East Limestone                244 (first game)
Gadsden City                   234 (second game)
Hoover                             234 (third game)


Grace Ann Clontz, Southside                     233
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson                           221
Ashlee Hull, Southside                               245
Cheyanne Bohannon, Southside               224
Gillian Baker, Thompson                            213
Alyssa Ward, Stanhope Elmore                 201
Jilliam Hulsey, Thompson                          198
Angela Webber, Sparkman                       225
Kacey Marshal, Stanhope Elmore             225
Maggie Smith, Thompson                          223
Gillian Baker, Thompson                            216
Gracie Connelly, Thompson                      216
First Round
Jennifer Clontz, Southside                         223
Gracie Connelly, Thomson                        207
McKenzie Skelton, American Chr.            206
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson                           204
Kacey Marshal, Stanhope Elmore             202


Cole Arsenault, Sparkman                         223
Caleb Farmer, Thompson                          203
Carson Poe, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa              243
Jacob Acker, Thompson                             223
Caleb Farmer, Thompson                          210
Landon Masters, Thompson                      204
Hawkins Davis, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa         200
Landon Masters, Thompson                      261
Cameron DeCord, Thompson                    226
Alfonso Carrington III, Sparkman              225
Jason Lewis, East Limestone                     217
Cole Arsenault, Sparkman                         216
First Round
Dakota Jones, Gadsden City                      287
Jacob Acker, Thompson                             247
Justin Lewis, East Limestone                     244
Elijah Avery, Gadsden City                        234
Dalton Tolgo, Sparkman                            234


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