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Hewitt, Vestavia Hills Earn Top Boys’ Seeds; Thompson and Hartselle Claim Top Girls’ Seeds

MONTGOMERY – Hewitt-Trussville edged James Clemens by 65 pins to post the top North boys’ series as the 2019 AHSAA Regional Bowling Championships got underway Thursday.
    Joseph Taylor rolled a 219-235-197—661 series to pace the Huskies’ 2,764 series score in the traditional bowling round that determined seeding for Friday’s championship round of head-to-head team competition. The Huskies totaled 2,764 pins and James Clemens had 2,699 to finish 1-2 and were placed on the boys’ 16-team championship bracket as the top two seeds.
    The four-round championship bracket, that includes one traditional game and three Baker format games in each match, gets underway at 8 a.m., at the Vestavia Bowl Friday. Hewitt will meet No. 16 seed Pinson Valley and James Clemens faces No. 15 seed Holt. Hartselle’s girls posted a 2,309 pin total to capture top-seed honors. Southside-Gadsden was second in Thursday’s tradition round just six pins back at 2,303 and will move into the championship bracket as the second seed.
   The South Regional also got underway at AMF Camellia Lanes in Mobile Thursday with Vestavia Hills’ boys claiming Friday’s top seed with a 3,123 team total.  Thompson was second at 2,961. Thompson’s girls rolled a 2,572 total to take top seed honor in the South girls’ championship bracket.  Stanhope Elmore rolled a 2,375 to take second seed.
   Vestavia Hills boys’ total set a new state playoff record breaking the 3,063 total set by the Rebels in the 2018 state tourney by 60 pins. Vestavia will meet McGill-Toolen Catholic in the first round Friday morning, and Thompson squares off against Murphy. The Lady Warriors will take on Houston Academy and Stanhope Elmore faces Homewood.
    Play will continue with the finals scheduled to start at approximately 2:45 p.m. at each site Friday. All first-round winners will clinch a berth in next week’s fourth annual AHSAA State Bowling Championships to be held at Oak Mountain Lanes in Pelham Jan. 24-25. The NFHS Network will live-stream the championships thanks to Cullman High School’s NFHS Network School Broadcast Program directed by producer John Drake.
   Josh Wilson of Stanhope Elmore captured South Regional medalist honors with a 269-258-194—721 total Thursday – falling just three pins shy of the state record (724) set by East Limestone’s Brendan Ferris in last year’s state tourney.  Kenny Ealy of Hoover was one pin back at 720. He had a 279 in the first game of the series to tie the state playoff record for second best single game. Spain Park’s Jalen Johnson rolled a 279 in the state tourney last year and Jon Kilgo of Gadsden City set the single-game high with a perfect in the inaugural state tourney in 2016.
    South girls’ medalist Thursday was Jillian Hulsey of Thompson. She rolled a 626 with a high game of 232. North boys’ medalist was James Clemens’ Daejon McCray (672) and North girls’ medalist was two-time defending state champion Southside-Gadsden’s Grace Ann Clontz (550). Buckhorn won the boys’ state title in 2018.
    First-day team results, Friday’s first-round championship pairings and complete team scoring can be found at

At Vestavia Bowl, Vestavia Hills

Boys First-Round Pairings (8 a.m.)
Pinson Valley vs. Hewitt-Trussville (No. 1 seed)
Hartselle vs. Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa
Corner vs. Gadsden City
Lamar County vs. Buckhorn (No. 4 seed)

Sipsey Valley vs. East Limestone (No. 3 seed)
Northridge vs. Sparkman
Hazel Green vs. Southside-Gadsden
Holt vs. James Clemens (No. 2 seed)

Girls First-Round Pairings (8 a.m.)
Gardendale v. Hartselle (No. 1 seed)
Lamar County vs. East Limestone
Northridge vs. Pinson Valley
Randolph vs. Etowah (No. 4 seed)

Holy Spirit Catholic vs. Sparkman (No. 3 seed)
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa vs. Grissom
Hewitt-Trussville vs. Hazel Green
Corner vs. Southside-Gadsden (No. 2 seed)

Thursday’s First-Round Final Standings
(3 traditional games)
Hewitt-Trussville            2,764
James Clemens               2,699
East Limestone               2,687
Buckhorn                        2,580
Gadsden City                  2,537
Sparkman                        2,501
Southside-Gadsden        2,497
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa       2,330
Hartselle                          2,222
Hazel Green                    2,169
Northridge                       2,055
Corner                             2,014
Lamar County                 1,923
Shades Valley                 1,847
Holt                                  1,831
Pinson Valley                  1,637

Hartselle                          2,309
Southside-Gadsden        2,303
Sparkman                        2,191
Etowah                            2,146
Pinson Valley                  2,068
Grissom                           1,856
Hazel Green                    1,804
East Limestone               1,776
Lamar County                 1,770
Hewitt-Trussville            1,688
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa       1,633
Northridge                       1,598
Randolph                         1,560
Holy Spirit Catholic       1,470
Corner                             1,567
Gardendale                      1,360

Daejon McCray, J.Clemens         244-198-230—672
Austin Turner, East Limestone   219-235-197—661
Joseph Taylor, Hewitt-Truss.      199-224-226—649
Peyton Hughes, Buckhorn           221-203-202—626
Carson Poe, Hillcrest                   233-180-203—616
Hawkins Davis, Hillcrest             193-214-208—615
Jake Warden, Southside              266-185-163—614
Jackson Stiles, Buckhorn            210-202-189—601
Cole Arenault, Sparkman            193-177-218—588
Kyle Wright, Hewitt-Trussville  182-198-192—572
Michael Kosinski, J. Clemens     204-189-179—572
Top Scores
First Game
Jake Warden, Southside              266
Daejon McCray, J.Clemens         244
Carson Poe, Hillcrest                   233
Second Game
Austin Turner, East Limestone   245
Thomas Butler, Gadsden City     233
Joseph Taylor, Hewitt-Truss.      224
Third Game
Malcolm Porter, Southside          237
Daejon McCray, J.Clemens         230
Joseph Taylor, Hewitt-Truss.      226

Grace Ann Clontz, Southside      205-169-176—550
Kynzion Gibbs, Etowah              190-155-200—545
Emily Cowart, Hartselle              186-163-183—532
Angela Webber, Southside          134-217-150—501
Savannah Mayes, Pinson Va.      189-146-162—497
Shy-ere Gibbs, Etowah                146-156-190—493
Kailee Adcock, Hartselle             162-149-178—489
Daylin Tolgo, Sparkman             145-157-178—480
Tori Hughes, Hartselle                 121-173-185—479
Jessica Clontz, Southside            168-184-120—472

Top Scores
First Game
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside      205
Shauna Clevenger, Pinson Va.    192
Kynzion Gibbs, Etowah              190
Ashlee Hull, Southside                190
Second Game
Angela Webber, Southside          217
Davaria Russell-Riffe, Etowah   200
Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman            199      
Third Game
Kynzion Gibbs, Etowah              200
Shy’ere Gibbs, Etowah                190
Tori Hughes, Hartselle                 185

At AMF Camellia Lanes, Mobile

Boys First-Round Pairings (8 a.m.)
McGill-Toolen Catholic vs. Vestavia Hills (No. 1 seed)
Baker vs. Spanish Fort
Oak Mountain Stanhope Elmore
Ramsay vs. Auburn (No. 4 seed)

Houston Academy vs. Hoover (No. 3 seed)
Northview vs. Spain Park
Foley vs. Mary Montgomery
Murphy vs. Thompson (No. 2 seed)

Girls First-Round Pairings (8 a.m.)
Houston Academy vs. Thompson (No. 1 seed)
Baker vs. Satsuma
Gulf Shore vs. McGill-Toolen Catholic
Northview vs. Spain Park (No. 4 seed)

UMS-Wright vs. Auburn (No. 3 seed)
Pelham vs. Vestavia Hills
Oak Mountain vs. Daphne
Homewood vs. Stanhope Elmore (No. 2 seed)

Thursday’s First-Round Final Standings
(3 traditional games)
Vestavia Hills                 3,123
Thompson                       2,961
Hoover                            2,825
Auburn                            2,712
Stanhope Elmore            2,656
Spain Park                       2,600
Mary Montgomery         2,595
Spanish Fort                    2,479
Baker                               2,457
Foley                                2,332
Northview                       2,258
Oak Mountain                 2,172
Ramsay                            2,172
Houston Academy          2,020
Murphy                           1,992
McGill-Toolen Catholic 1,983

Thompson                       2,572
Stanhope Elmore            2,375
Auburn                            2,187
Spain Park                       2,123
McGill-Toolen Catholic 2,123
Vestavia Hills                 2,109
Daphne                            2,094
Satsuma                           1,984
Baker                               1,982
Oak Mountain                 1,936
Pelham                             1,917
Gulf Shores                     1,880
Northview                       1,842
UMS-Wright                   1,754
Homewood                     1,686
Houston Academy          1,602

Josh Wilson, Stanhope Elmore   269-258-194—721
Kenny Ealy, Hoover                    279-236-205—720
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills           253-246-208—707
Landon Masters, Thompson       217-222-226—665
Dan Zhang, Auburn                     195-197-256—648
Caleb Farmer, Thompson            213-216-218—647
Nick Watts, Vestavia Hills          212-222-212—646
Austin Osburn, M.Montgomery 228-183-202—613
Mason Maners, Vestavia Hills    183-213-203—599
Austin  Miller, Spanish Fort        146-226-212—585
Top Scores
First Game
Kenny Ealy, Hoover                    279
Josh Wilson, Stanhope Elmore   269
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills           253
Second Game
Josh Wilson, Stanhope Elmore   258
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills           246
Kenny Ealy, Hoover                    236
Third Game
Dan Zhang, Auburn                     256
Brandt Bennett, Spanish Fort      242
Kobie Jennings, Ramsay             232

Jillian Hulsey, Thompson           180-214-232—626
Meghan Best, Stan. Elmore         199-194-139—532
Alexis Anderson, Spain Park      164-155-211—530
Talli DuBose, Oak Mountain      192-165-169—526
Allie Fraser, Vestavia Hills         186-169-170—525
Kacey Marshal, Stan. Elmore     148-195-170—513
Jessica Sherman, Thompson       161-162-188—511
Lexie Riley, McGill-Toolen        163-168-180—511
Maggie Smith, Thompson           148-181-180—509
Gillian Baker, Thompson            166-163-161—490
Top Scores
First Game
Meghan Best, Stanhope Elmore 199
Grace Wergin, Oak Mountain     197
Talli DuBose, Oak Mountain      192                    
Second Game
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson           214
Delaney Clark, Daphne               212
Kacey Marshal, Stan. Elmore     195
Third Game
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson           232
Alexis Anderson, Spain Park      211
Jessica Sherman, Thompson       188

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