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Rules Changes Approved in High School Spirit

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN (April 3, 2019) — Rules related to minimizing risk of injury to dance and cheer team members are among 29 rules revisions for the 2019-20 high school spirit season.

The rules changes were recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee at its March 2-4 meeting and subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.

“We’re trying to create a safer environment for activities to occur in cheer and dance and make the rules book as clear as possible,” said James Weaver, director of performing arts and liaison to the NFHS Spirit Rules Committee.

Rule 3-3-3 was changed to make it consistent with other braced inversion rules. It now allows for the inverted person to be caught by new catchers as long as the new catchers remain close to the original bases, are in place before initiation of the inversion, and do not pose increased safety risk to the top person.

Rule 3-3-5 was changed to allow a braced front flip to be performed just as it is on the ground while using one bracer behind the top person holding both hands. Both of the top person’s hands/arms must be in continuous contact with a bracer and the bracer must be in a multi-base prep with a spotter. The top person must be to the side or in front of the bracer, and only one bracer is necessary. This allows similar visuals for smaller teams and removes the need for an additional bracer to hold the wrist of the top person.

Another change related to inversions was made to Rule 3-3-6, which now restricts releasing from an inversion with a stunt that has twists at any level, even in the presence of a spotter. Previously, inversions could release with a stunt at prep level or below.

“This change affects how someone moves from upside down. This change is significant because of risks [associated with twists],” Weaver said.

Rule 2-1-5 now states that props made of hard material or sharp edges cannot be released by a top person and must be placed by someone on the ground. This reduces risk of injury from falling props.

In other changes, Rule 3-5-5 was revised to clarify the intent of the rule and better describe the connection between the bracer and the top person. Rule 4-3-3 was also changed to clarify that as long as someone is gripping, it is not important whether it is the top person or the bracer.

A complete list of spirit rules changes is located on the spirit page of the NFHS website, www.nfhs.org, under “Activities and Sports.”

According to the 2017-18 NFHS High School Athletics Participation Survey, competitive spirit is the ninth-most popular sport for girls with 162,669 participants in 6,877 schools around the country.


This press release was written by Kirsten Adair, an intern at the NFHS Publications/Communications Department.



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4 Varsity Squads Repeat As Cheer Competition Winners

         Meek (1A), Fyffe (2A), Boaz (5A) and Sparkman (Coed) repeated as varsity division winners in the recent AHSAA State Cheer Competition at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.

Other high school varsity squad winners were Winfield (3A), Sardis (4A), Arab (6A), James Clemens (7A) and Austin (Non-building). Bob Jones captured the high school junior varsity title.
         Middle School winners were Hewitt-Trussville Middle (large), Liberty Middle (medium) and Discovery Middle (small).

A total of 1,383 cheerleaders from 89 teams participated in the 19th annual event administered by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Some participants performed more than one time.

Other categories of competition included Time South Cheer, Time Out Dance and High School Fight Song.

Winners, Runners-up
Class 1A—Meek (winner), Gaylesville (runner-up)

Class 2A—Fyffe (winner), Zion Chapel (runner-up)

Class 3A—Winfield (winner), Opp (runner-up)

Class 4A—Sardis (winner), North Jackson (runner-up)

Class 5A—Boaz (winner), Pleasant Grove (runner-up)

Class 6A—Arab (winner), Pinson Valley (runner-up) 
Class 7A—James Clemens (winner), Bob Jones (runner-up)

Coed—Sparkman (winner), Thompson (runner-up)
Non-Building—Austin (winner)

Game Time Results

High School Time Out Cheer – 1. Curry, 2. Florence, 3. West Blocton

High School Time Out Dance – 1. West Blocton, 2. Curry, 3. Brewbaker Tech
High School Fight Song – 1. Florence, 2. Curry, 3. Haleyville

1. Bob Jones High, 2. Oxford  High, 3. Sparkman High

Game Time Results
JV Time Cheer – 1. Muscle Shoals High


Small Junior High —1.  Discovery Middle, 2. Liberty Park Middle, 3. Meridianville
Medium Junior High —1. Liberty Middle, 2. Maddox Middle, 3. Spanish Fort Middle
Large Junior High —1. Hewitt-Trussville Middle, 2. Hokes Bluff Middle, 3. Echols
                                Middle, 3. Centre

Game Time Results

Junior High Time Out Dance – 1. Pleasant Grove Middle 2. Jemison 3. ValleyJH

Junior High Time Out Cheer – 1. Muscle Shoals Middle, 3. Pleasant Grove 3.
                                                Valley JH

Bob Jones Claims First 7A State Cheer Title

Bob Jones High School edged Madison rival James Clemens to capture the first Class 7A varsity division of the AHSAA State Cheer Competition Nov. 15 at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville.
     Other high school varsity squad winners were Meek (1A); Fyffe (2A); Opp (3A); North Jackson (4A); Boaz (5A); and Cullman (6A).  Discovery School of Huntsville won the Middle School (large) title, Monrovia Middle School the Middle School (medium) crown and  Liberty Park Middle the Middle School (small) division. Bob Jones captured the high school JV title.
     A total of 1,496 cheerleaders from 99 teams participated in the 18th annual event administered by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Competition also included categories of Time Out Cheer, Time Out Dance and High School Fight Song events.
High School Division
Class 1A:
Winner-Meek; RU-Gaylesville; Class 2A:  Winner-Fyffe;  RU: Zion Chapel;
Class 3A: Winner-Opp; RU-Winfield; Class 4A: Winner-North Jackson; RU-Sardis;
Class 5A: Winner-Boaz; RU-St. Clair County; Class 6A: Winner -Cullman; RU-Hartselle;
Class 7A: Winner-Bob Jones; RU-James Clemens; COED: Winner - Sparkman; RU-Cherokee County.

High School Junior Varsity: 1. Bob Jones; 2. Sparkman; 3. Hazel Green.
Junior High (Small): 1. Liberty Park Middle; 2. McAdory Middle; 3. Centre Middle.
Junior High (Medium): 1. Monrovia Middle; 2. Liberty Middle; 3. Hokes Bluff Middle.
Junior High (Large): 1. Discovery Middle; 2. Hewitt-Trussville Middle; 3. Sand Rock JH.

Time Out Dance
High School:
1. West Blocton; 2. Prattville Christian; 3. Excel.
High School Junior Varsity:
1. Excel.
Junior High: 1. Hokes Bluff Middle; 2. Millbrook JH (8th); 3. Millbrook JH (7th).

Time Out Cheer

High School: 1. Florence; 2. West Blocton; 3. Cleburne County.
High School Junior Varsity: 1. Madsion County
Junior High: 1. Oneonta; 2. Millbrook JH.

Fight Song
High School:
1. New Hope; 2. West Blocton; 3. Oneonta.
High School Junior Varsity:
1. Madison County.