Saturday, February 22, 2020






Charlotte Davies Retires after 33 Years of Service

   MONTGOMERY – Charlotte Davies, who has served as the administrative secretary at the Alabama High School Athletic Association for the past 33 years, has announced her retirement, which will be effective March 1.
   Mrs. Davies was hired by Herman L. “Bubba” Scott, continued her role with Dan Washburn and has been serving in the same role for current Executive Director Steve Savarese since 2007.
    Savarese said Mrs. Davies has been an integral part of the AHSAA staff for a long time.
    “We wish Charlotte the best as she moves into this next phase of her life,” he said. “We thank her for her faithful service to the AHSAA for the past 33 years, and we want her to know we all love her and will miss her.”
     Mrs. Davies said working at the AHSAA has been an important part of her life.
     “It has been a journey, a great journey,” Mrs. Davies said. “God has blessed me with employment at the AHSAA for 33 years. I have totally and joyfully enjoyed my job to the fullest. I have learned so many things from the Executive Directors Mr. Herman L. “Bubba” Scott, Mr. Dan Washburn and Mr.
Steve Savarese. They taught me so much more than just how to do my job. They taught me about life and how to handle the trials that come with that life.”
    She said she really loved working at the AHSAA – and especially developing so many friendships with those she was able to serve. “I really enjoyed working with the Hall of Fame, meeting the inductees, hearing their stories and sharing their memories.”
    She is looking anxiously at what God has in store for her now.
   “I will miss my family at the AHSAA. They will always have a big piece of my heart,” she said.  “I must now travel onto the next season of my life that God has prepared for me. I will truly be indebted to my AHSAA family for their friendships for as long as I live.”

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