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AHSAA Instant Replay Gets National Exposure with 2 Challenges in ESPN Game

     MONTGOMERY – The AHSAA’s Instant Replay protocol got national exposure last week with two challenges in Thompson High School’s 63-49 victory over Hewitt-Trussville, a Class 7A, Region 3 game televised live on ESPN and over the NFHS Network.
     For the week, 10 challenges were made with three overturned nine AHSAA football games using DVSport Instant Replay.
     “We had some great national exposure of our Instant Replay during the ESPN game at Thompson this past Friday night,” AHSAA Director of Officials Mark Jones said. “We had two challenges during the contest.  One was overturning a fourth down forward progress spot that was originally ruled a first down.  What really made it great is the announcers made mention of the fact that the officials only had the school camera views and not the ESPN camera views of the play but were still able to correct the call.
    “It shows that instant replay can be successful with limited camera angles.  I believe this national exposure will assist us in allowing instant replay to become a part of NFHS football rules.”
    On the season there has been Instant Replay in 71 games with 73 different schools taking part in136 opportunities. A total of 57 challenges have been made with 15 calls overturned – a percentage of 26.3%
     With 8:21 remaining in the first quarter, Hewitt-Trussville challenged a fourth-down spot resulting in a Thompson first down at the Huskies’ 17-yard line. Upon review by officials utilizing the DVSport monitor on the sidelines, the play was overturned resulting in a Hewitt-Trussville first down going the other way at its 18-yard line. The review took 2 minutes from start to finish.  Later, in the fourth period, Thompson challenged a play that was ruled dead on a fumble. The review, which took only 60 seconds, the call on the field stood as called with no fumble.
      In the Class 3A Excel vs. Thomasville game played in Clarke County, Thomasville challenge a spot call in the first quarter on a fourth-and-3 play that resulted in first down called on the field. Upon review, the call on the field was corrected and Thomasville took possession of the ball.
    And in another 7A game played at Austin of Decatur, James Clemens and Austin each had a challenge with the Black Bears’ challenge being upheld. Austin challenged a play on the field that had been ruled an incomplete pass was, upon review, ruled a fumble resulting in a touchdown for Austin. James Clemens later challenged a spot of the ball but the play stood as called on the field.
    Challenges were also made in the McGill-Toolen vs. Baker game, Vigor at Opelika contest, Helena at Pelham game and Central-Phenix City at Auburn contest will call on the field being confirmed.
      Nine games will be utilizing Instant Replay this week with seven schools taking part for the first time this season: Phil Campbell, Mary Montgomery, Hanceville, Central-Clay County, Rogers, Sumter Central and Huffman, bringing the total to 80 on the year.
     This week’s games, with classification of each school, include:



  • Phil Campbell at Hackleburg

       FRIDAY, NOV. 2

  • Mary Montgomery at Baker, Mobile
  • Park Crossing at Auburn
  • Hanceville at Good Hope
  • Central, Clay County at Handley, Handley
  • Rogers at Lawrence County, Moulton
  • Sumter Central at Oxford
  • East Limestone at Tanner
  • Huffman at Vestavia Hills



                  (At least one game)

Class 1A                     District            Games
Hackleburg                  D-7                  4
Hubbertville                D-7                  1
Phillips                        D-7                  1
Sweet Water                D-3                  2
Waterloo                     D-7                  1
Class 2A                     District            Games
Tanner                         D-8                  1
Class 3A                     District            Games
Bayside Academy          D-1                  1
Excel                           D-1                  1
Flomaton                     D-1                  1
Thomasville                D-1                  5
Class 4A                     District            Games
B.T. Washington         D-4                  1
Clarke County             D-1                  1

Cordova                      D-5                  1

Elmore County              D-4                  1
Good Hope                  D-8                  4          
Haleyville                    D-7                  1          
Handley                      D-6                  3
Leeds                          D-5                  1          
Oak Grove                  D-5                  1
West Limestone          D-8                  1
Class 5A                     District            Games
Ardmore                      D-8                  1
Brewer                        D-8                  1
Corner                         D-5                  1          
East Limestone              D-8                  6
Guntersville                 D-8                  1
Jackson                        D-1                  1
Jasper                          D-5                  1
Lawrence County          D-7                  4
Madison Academy         D-8                  1
Vigor                           D-1                  1          
West Point                    D-8                  1

Wilcox Central               D-3                  1
Class 6A                     District            Games
Athens                         D-8                  1
Benjamin Russell          D-4                   2
Buckhorn                    D-8                    1
Calera                          D-5                  1
Carver-Montgomery      D-3                  1
Decatur                       D-8                  2
Helena                         D-5                  1
Jackson-Olin               D-5                  1
Minor                          D-5                  2
Northridge                  D-5                  1
Opelika                       D-4                  7
Oxford                        D-6                  3

Park Crossing              D-3                  1
Pell City                      D-6                  1

Pelham                       D-5                  5
Pinson Valley              D-5                  1
Selma                          D-3                  1
Shades Valley             D-5                  1
Wetumpka                   D-4                  5
Class 7A                     District            Games
Alma Bryant                  D-1                  1
Auburn                        D-4                  7
Austin                           D-8                  3
Baker                           D-1                  3
Central-Phenix City        D-4                  6
Enterprise                    D-2                  1
Fairhope                      D-1                  1
Hewitt-Trussville          D-5                  1
Hoover                       D-5                  1
James Clemens           D-8                  2
Jeff Davis                    D-3                  1
Lee-Montgomery          D-3                  1          
McGill-Toolen                D-1                  1
Oak Mountain               D-5                  2
Prattville                      D-3                  1
Smiths Station              D-4                  1
Spain Park                   D-5                  1
Sparkman                    D-8                  1
Stanhope Elmore         D-4                  1
Thompson                   D-5                  6
Vestavia Hills              D-5                  2
Meridian (MS)            NA                  1


District Exposure Breakdown                                 
District                       Schools           Opportunities
D-1                              11                    16
D-2                                1                      1

D-3                                8                      9
D-4                                9                    31
D-5                               19                    31
D-6                                3                      7        
D-7                                6                    12
D-8                               15                    28
Out-of-State                    1                      1
TOTAL                           73                  136


Class Exposure Breakdown                         
Class                          Schools           Opportunities
1A                                   5                  10
2A                                   1                    1

3A                                   4                  10
4A                                 10                  15
5A                                 12                  17
6A                                 19                  38        
7A                                 21                  45
Out-of-State                    1                    1
TOTAL                         73                136

-- Ron Ingram

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