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AHSAA Boys Regional Bowling Tournament Vestavia Hills Gains Top Seed in South Regional; Grissom Seeded No. 1 in North Regional Heading into Friday’s Championship Round

    FOLEY – Vestavia Hills outscored Thompson 2,752 to 2,645 Thursday in the traditional round of the AHSAA second annual South Regional Bowling tournament at Foley’s Gulf Bowl, and Grissom edged defending state champion James Clemens by 20 pins, 2,750 to 2,730 in the North Regional at Tuscaloosa’s Leland Lanes to earn top seeds in Friday’s championship elimination bracket round. Friday’s head-to-head bracket gets underway at 10:30 a.m. for boys. Each match will be a Baker format five-game series.
     Vestavia Hills posted the top team scores (912 and 950) in the first two rounds Thursday as all teams bowled three traditional games in each set. Thompson rallied third round with a 924 to earn second seed.  The Rebels will meet Satsuma and Thompson takes on Houston Academy in round one Friday.
      Beau Reed and Sam Lawton led Vestavia with individual series of 623 and 607, finished first and third in the individual rankings.  Zachary Ward of Stanhope Elmore was second with a 612 series, including a 235 for the top game in round one.  Reed’s 223 topped round two ND Brice Porter of Daphne bowled a 220 in round three for the top game.
North Boys Regional
   TUSCALOOSA – Grissom’s Tigers posted rounds of 950 and 1,003 to lead rounds one and three and eeked out the top seed over James Clemens in the first day’s action at the North Regional. Five Grissom bowlers had series over 520 or higher with Logan Turner’s 567 leading rhe contingent. He had a 235 in round one. Myliq Davis rolled a 246 to top the first round. Brendan Ferris of East Limestone scored a 256 to lead round two and American Christian’s P.J. Sledge bowled a 253 to pace round 3.
    James Clemens’ Luca Connor rolled games of 228 and 234 to close out his day and finished with a 629 series, best of the day. Jets teammate Michael Kosinski had a 623 for second place and Huntsville’s William Buchanan had a 622 for third.
    All 16 teams were seeded based on Thursday’s team scores. The single-elimination bracket will feature four rounds with the championship match set for 5:30 p.m.

Friday’s Championship Round Bracket Pairings
Vestavia Hills vs. Satsuma
Auburn vs. UMS-Wright
Spain Park vs. Fairhope
Northview vs. Daphne
Stanhope Elmore vs. McGill-Toolen Catholic
Spanish Fort vs. Mary Montgomery
Baker vs. Indian Springs
Houston Academy vs. Thompson

(Day 1 – Traditional Series)
Vestavia Hills              2,752
Thompson                   2,645
Stanhope Elmore         2,559
Daphne                                    2,511
Spain Park                   2,501
Mary Montgomery       2,372
Baker                           2,334
Auburn                                    2,267
UMS-Wright                2,154
Indian Springs              2,127
Spanish Fort                 2,106
Fairhope                      2,067
Northview                    1,928
McGill-Toolen Catholic           1,909
Houston Academy       1,794
Satsuma                       1,783

Individual Leaders (Top 10)
(Traditional Series)
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills                   222-223-178—623
Zachary Ward, Stanhope Elmore                     235-171-206—612
Sam Lawhon, Vestavia Hills                190-214-203—607
Brian Barcoma, Thompson                  192-198-214—604
Joshua Wilson, Stanhope Elmore                     181-200-212—593
Anthony Osburn, Mary Montgomery   191-187-204—582
Jacob Acker, Thompson                                  203-194-181—578
Brendan Fos, Daphne                          150-199-213—562
Brice Porter, Daphne                           211-130-220—561
Tyler Fannin, Mary Montgomery                     144-194-202—540
Game 1 Leaders
Zachary Ward, Stanhope Elmore                     235
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills                   222
Brice Porter, Daphne                           211
Noah Barnard, UMS-Wright                211
Game 2 Leaders
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills                   223
Sam Lawton, Vestavia Hills                 214
Joshua Wilson, Stanhope Elmore                     200
Game 3 Leaders
Brice Porter, Daphn                             220
Brian Barcoma, Thompson                  214
Landon Masters, Thompson                213

Friday’s Championship Round Bracket Pairings
Grissom vs. Ramsay
Huntsville vs. Etowah
Lincoln vs. Gardendale
Huffman vs. East Limestone
American Christian vs. Gadsden City
Hartselle vs. Hewitt-Trussville
Madison County vs. Capitol School
Northridge vs. James Clemens

(Day 1 – Traditional Series)
Grissom                                   2,750
James Clemens                                    2,730
American Christian                  2,660
East Limestone                        2,624
Lincoln                                                2,534
Hewitt-Trussville                     2,415
Madison County                      2,409
Huntsville                                2,377
Etowah                                    2,365
Capitol School                         2,340
Hartselle                                  2,266
Gardendale                              2,246
Huffman                                  2,244
Gadsden City                           2,224
Northridge                               1,983
Ramsay                                                1,881  

Individual Leaders (Top 10)
(Traditional Series)
Luca Connor, James Clemens              167-228-234—629
Michael Kosinski, James Clemens       184-239-200—623
William Buchanan, Huntsville             223-195-204—622
P.J. Sledge, American Christian                       168-199-253—620
Hayden Johnson, American Christian  187-207-223—617
William Stirling, James Clemens                      210-222-171—603
David Hopkins, Gardendale                180-220-203—603
Brendan Ferris, East Limestone                       160-256-181—597
Taylor Hall, Lincoln                            225-190-173—588
Brandon Wade, East Limestone                       183-2-5-192—580
Game 1 Leaders
Myliq Davis, Huntsville                                   246
Logan Turner, Grissom                                    235
Taylor Hall, Lincoln                            225
Game 2 Leaders
Brendan Ferris, East Limestone                       256
Tommy Butler, Gadsden City              243
Michael Kosinski, James Clemens       239
Game 3 Leaders
P.J. Sledge, American Christian                       253
Luca Connor, James Clemens              234
Hayden Johnson, American Christian  223

Thompson Claims Top Seed in Girls’ Field with 2,303 Total After the First Round of the South Regional Bowling Tournament

    FOLEY – Thompson High School’s girls’ bowling team rolled three consistent traditional bowling rounds of 733-778-792 to finish the first day of the AHSAA South Regional bowling tournament at Foley’s Gulf Bowl Thursday with a 2,303 team total. The Warriors will be the No. 1 seed as the 16 teams move into the championship elimination bracket competition Friday. Thompson will meet No. 16 seed Houston Academy in its first match of the final day’s competition. All matches in the championship bracket will follow the Baker format with five games in each round.
     Defending state champion Spain Park bowled a 2,256 total – and finished the third round with 791 pins, just one shy of the Warriors’ 792. The Jaguars head into Friday’s competition as the No. 2 seed and will meet McGill-Toolen in the first round at 8 a.m.  Thompson also had a 778 to lead the second round. Mary Montgomery opened with a bang Thursday with a 765 as junior Kallie Kruszewski bowled a 234 for the best game of the day. Teammate Samantha Rossignoll, a senior, also bowled the third best game of that round (175). Kruszewki finished with a 536 in the three games for the best individual series.
     Eighth grader Brittany Guy of Foley posted a 201 in the second round and finished with a 496 series, second highest of the day. Senior Caroline Parker of Spain Park had a 203 to lead the third round. She had a 126 and 123 in the first two rounds and a 452 series.
    Thompson sophomore Jessica Lynn Sherman and freshman Gillian Baker bowled 494 and 487, respectively, to rank third and fourth individual for the Warriors.

Friday’s Championship Round Bracket Pairings
Thompson vs. Houston Academy
Foley vs. Baker
Vestavia Hills vs. Satsuma
Gulf Shores vs. Beauregard
Mary Montgomery vs. Northview
Spanish Fort vs. Pelham
Auburn vs. UMS-Wright
McGill-Toolen Catholic vs. Spain Park

(Day 1 – Traditional Series)
Thompson                       2,303
Spain Park                       2,256
Mary Montgomery         2,089
Beauregard                      2,042
Vestavia Hills                 1,948
Pelham                             1,932
Auburn                            1,912
Foley                                1,896
Baker                               1,895
UMS-Wright                   1,882   
Spanish Fort                    1,874
Satsuma                           1,870                                                          
Gulf Shores                     1,829
Northview                       1,653
McGill-Toolen Catholic 1,623
Houston Academy          1,478   

Individual Leaders (Top 10)
(Traditional Series)
Kallie Kruszewki, Mary Montgomery     234-156-146—536
Brittany Guy, Foley                                   147-201-148—496
Jessica Lynn Sherman, Thompson           168-163-163—494
Gillian Baker, Thompson                          159-168-160—487
Julianna Cross, Spain Park                        166-168-152—486
Kendall Hall, Foley                                   189-149-135—473
Mary Tedder, Spain Park                          162-146-162—470
Alexianna Griffin, Thompson                  123-176-167—466
Morgan Mullinax, Pelham                        106-164-196—466
Kaitlynn Diaz, Baker                                 152-157-156—465
Game 1 Leaders
Kallie Keuszewki, M Montgomery          234
Kendall Hall, Foley                                   189
Samantha Rossignoll, M Montgomery    175
Game 2 Leaders
Brittany Guy, Foley                                   201
Alexianna Griffin, Thompson                  176
Molly McNair, UMS-Wright                    172
Game 3 Leaders
Caroline Parker, Spain Park                      203
Morgan Mullinax, Pelham                        196
Katie Keener, Thompson                          182

Southside-Gadsden Claims Top Seed in Girls’ Field with 2,366 Total After the First Round of the North Regional Tournament

    TUSCALOOSA – Southside-Gadsden posted a first-day 2,366 pin total to take the top seed at the AHSAA’s second annual North Regional bowling tournament at Tuscaloosa’s Leland Lanes. The Panthers head into Friday’s elimination bracket competition as top seed.  Southside opens the championship round facing 16 seed East Limestone. Etowah, which totaled 2,202 pins, second seed, James Clemens (2,169) is third seed and defending AHSAA state champion Sparkman (2,041) is fourth seed after the completion of the first-day traditional round.
     Friday’s 16-team single-elimination bracket, which gets underway at 8 a.m., will consist of five Baker format rounds in each match. Etowah plays Randolph County, James Clemens opens with Ramsay and Sparkman meets Lincoln in round one. The championship match is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.
    First-day individual leader was Etowah sophomore Shy Gibbs, who rolled a 141-203-188—532 series in the three traditional rounds to finish 17 pins ahead of Southside-Gadsden eighth grader Jennifer Clontz. She rolled a 201 for the best score of the first round and finished with games of 162 and 152 for a 515 series. Freshman Grace Ann Clontz had a 198 in the first round, second only to her sister overall, and bowled a 193 for the best score overall in the third round Thursday. She did not bowl in the second round.  Senior Lauren Keplinger of Pinson Valley rolled a first-day best 208 in the second round to post the best individual game of the day.
     Southside’s girls had the top team score in the first and second rounds (831 and 779) and James Clemens rolled bowled 802 for the top team score in the third round Thursday.

Friday’s Championship Round Bracket Pairings
Southside-Gadsden vs. East Limestone
Lamar County vs. Hewitt-Trussville
Hartselle vs. Huntsville
Lincoln vs. Sparkman
James Clemens vs. Ramsay
Pleasant Grove vs. Capitol School
Pinson Valley vs. Gardendale
Randolph County vs. Etowah

(Day 1 – Traditional Series)
Southside-Gadsden        2,366
Etowah                            2,202
James Clemens               2,169
Sparkman                        2,041
Hartselle                          2,010
Capitol School                1,881
Pinson Valley                  1,874
Lamar County                 1,753
Hewitt-Trussville            1,685
Gardendale                      1,666
Pleasant Grove                1,660
Huntsville                        1,648
Lincoln                            1,648
Ramsay                            1,540
Randolph County           1,525
East Limestone               1,452

Individual Leaders (Top 10)
(Traditional Series)
Shy Gibbs, Etowah                      141-203-188—532
Jennifer Clontz, Southside          201-162-152—515
Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman            183-149-143—475
Macy Fields, Capitol School       155-153-165—473
Emily Cowart, Hartselle              190-137-143—470
Ashley Jordan, James Clemens   179-156-116—451
Jackie Beard, Sparkman              132-161-156—449
Demi Bishop, Capitol School     126-154-169—449
Emma Jones, Etowah                   163-124-155—442
Kyndal Oden, James Clemens    119-129-191—439

Game 1 Leaders
Jennifer Clontz, Southside          201
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside      198
Emily Cowart, Hartselle              190
Game 2 Leaders
Lauren Keplinger, Pinson Va.     208
Shy Gibbs, Etowah                      203
Cheyanne Bohannon, Etowah     174
Game 3 Leaders
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside      193
Kyndal Oden, James Clemens    191
Shy Gibbs, Etowah                      188

Beauregard Running Back La’Damian Webb Named Mr. Football by the Alabama Sports Writers Association

     MONTGOMERY – Beauregard’s La’Damian Webb was named the 35th recipient of
the Alabama Sports Writers Association’s Mr. Football Award on Wednesday at
the ASWA’s annual Player of the Year Awards luncheon, presented by the
Alabama High School Athletic Directors and Coaches Association. The annual
luncheon was held at the Renaissance Hotel at the Convention Center in
     Webb, a 5-foot-8, 184-pound junior running back, added his name to the
AHSAA record books this season, setting a single-season touchdown record
with 47, and rushed for the second-highest season yardage total in AHSAA history
with 3,242 yards. In two years, Webb has rushed for 74 touchdowns and 5,017 yards
     He earned MVP honors in the Super 7 Class 5A championship game this past season with a record performance: 51 carries, 359 yards rushing and five touchdowns in 33-13 victory over Wenonah. In his two seasons as a starter for Coach Rob Carter’s Hornets, the team has gone 24-2.
     The selection was made by the ASWA Prep Committee, a panel of ASWA member sportswriters who cover high school athletics. Webb finished with 147 points and three first-place votes. Park Crossing wide receiver Malik Cunningham had 132 points and one first place vote, Spanish Fort linebacker Thomas Johnston was third with 116 points, Blount quarterback Kadarius Toney and James Clemens defensive end LaBryan Ray tied for fourth with 113 point, and Maplesville running back Terence Dunlap was sixth with 109. In all, a
record eight finalists received first-place votes from the prep committee
     Webb was named the ASWA Class 5A Back of the Year and was chosen to the
group’s Super 12 team. He is also the first junior to win the Mr. Football
award in its history.
     In winning the Mr. Football, Webb becomes the third running back to win the
award in the last four years and fourth in the last six, joining T.J. Yeldon of Daphne in 2011, Roc Thomas of Oxford in 2013 and Kerryon Johnson of Madison Academy in 2015.
    A total of 48 finalists, three backs and three linemen in each classification with a Back of the Year and Lineman of the Year selected. The individual class players of the year were:
Class 7A: Henry Ruggs III, Lee-Montgomery (Back); LaBryan Ray, James Clemens (Lineman).
Class 6A: Kadarius Toney, Blount (Back); Thomas Johnston, Spanish Fort (Lineman).
Class 5A: La’Damian Webb, Beauregard (Back); Ryan Johnston, St. Paul’s Episcopal (Lineman).
Class 4A: Reed Blankenship, West Limestone (Back); Sterling Jones, Saint James (Lineman).
Class 3A: Taylor Hayes, Piedmont (Back); Mason Langley, Piedmont (Lineman).
Class 2A: JaTarvious Whitlow, LaFayette (Back); Tyler Wilhelm, Fyffe (Lineman).
Class 1A: Terence Dunlap, Maplesville (Back); Brandon Bates, Linden (Lineman).
AISA: Malik Lyons, Chambers Academy (Back); Jakerrius Wyatt, Autauga Academy (Lineman).
    The luncheon was live-streamed by the Prattville High School NFHS Network School Broadcast program. It is archived at and available for viewing.


2016 La’Damian Webb, Beauregard, RB
2015 Tyler Johnston, Spanish Fort, QB
2014 Kerryon Johnson, Madison Academy, RB/WR
2013 Racean “Roc” Thomas, Oxford, RB
2012 Jeremy Johnson, Carver-Montgomery, QB
2011 T.J. Yeldon, Daphne RB
2010 Jamal Golden, Wetumpka, QB
2009 Coty Blanchard, Cherokee County, QB
2008 Clint Moseley, Leroy, QB
2007 Julio Jones, Foley, WR
2006 Larry Smith, Prattville, QB
2005 Andre Smith, Huffman, OL
2004 Jarod Bryant, Hoover, QB
2003 Chris Nickson, Pike County, QB
2002 JaMarcus Russell, Williamson, QB
2001 Brandon Cox, Hewitt-Trussville
2000 Carnell Williams, Etowah
1999 Cory Whisenant, Springville, RB
1998 DeMarco McNeil, Blount, DL
1997 Mac Campbell, Alexandria, RB
1996 Antoneyo Williams, Central-Tuscaloosa, RB
1995 Gorman Thornton, Jeff Davis, TE/DE
1994 Dawud Rasheed, Shades Valley, RB
1993 Thomas Banks, West Jefferson, RB
1992 Freddie Kitchens, Etowah, QB
1991 Robert Davis, Homewood, RB
1990 David Palmer, Jackson-Olin, RB/QB
1989 Steven Coleman, Pike County, RB
1988 Darrell Williams, Vigor, RB
1987 Robert Jones, Parker, RB
1986 Larry Ware, Lee-Montgomery, RB
1985 Pierre Goode, Hazlewood, RB
1984 Roderick Green, Gardendale, WR
1983 Freddie Weygand, Emma Sansom, WR
1982 Tommy Compton, Vigor, QB