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2019 AHSAA Bowling Championships Conclude Friday Southside-Gadsden Girls and Hewitt-Trussville Boys Clinch Top Seeds with Impressive First Day

PELHAM – Two-time defending girls’ state bowling champion Southside-Gadsden emerged as the top seed after Thursday’s opening round of traditional play at the 2019 AHSAA State Bowling Championships at Oak Mountain Lanes.
    The Lady Panthers piled up 2,599 pins to lead all girls’ teams as the 16-team girls’ field and 16-team boys’ field competed in three rounds of traditional bowling.  Hewitt-Trussville totaled 2,855 pins to earn top seed in the boys’ divisions.
     Friday’s final day of competition will be a four-round single-elimination championship match play bracket. Teams will compete using the Baker Format (one round of traditional bowling plus three round of Baker Format play) per match.
    All teams begin the championship round at 8 a.m., with the championship match for boys and girls to be begin at approximately 4 p.m. at Oak Mountain Lanes.
     Hewitt-Trussville will face Baker in the first-round match and Vestavia Hills, the second seed in the boys’ division after posting a 2,797 team total Thursday, will meet Southside in Friday’s first-round match.   Southside’s girls meet Oak Mountain in the first round and girls’ second seed Thompson, which finished 200 pins behind the Lady Panthers at 2,399, open with Vestavia Hills.
    Sophomore Cole Arsenault of Sparkman turned in the top boys’ series with a 268-184-258—710 total. His 268 in the first round was top boys’ game of Thursday’s play and his 258 was the best total in the third round.  Sophomore Landon Masters of Thompson had the second best boys’ single game with a 267 in the first set. He finished with a 267-203-202—672 series total to finish second in the boys’ tradition play rankings.
    Sparkman senior Nicole Gilbert totaled 178-211-200—589 to finish as the girls’ division series leader. Southside, coached by Zachary Blume, placed three bowlers in the top five series leaders with junior Grace Ann Clontz rolling 201-179-182—562 to finish second. Junior teammate Ashlee Hull was fourth with a 545 total and sophomore Jennifer Clontz was fifth at 533. Jessica Clontz was sixth with a 525 series. Thompson junior Jillian Hulsey was third with a 555 total. She had a 213 in the first set for the top game and Warriors teammate Maggie Smith turned in the best girls’ single game with a 230 in the final set of the day.
    Southside’s 862 total in the third set was the best single round total of the day for the girls’ competition while Vestavia Hills, coached by Todd Evans, had a first-round team total of 1,032 for the top boys’ total. Sparkman, coached by Lisa Ivey, had a 1,031 in the final round of the day.
    Complete first-day team results and individual leaders are listed.

AHSAA State Bowling Championships
At Oak Mountain Lanes, Pelham
Friday’s Pairings

ROUND 1 (8 a.m.)

Baker vs. Hewitt-Trussville (No. 1 seed)
Gadsden City vs. East Limestone
Stanhope Elmore vs. Buckhorn
Mary Montgomery vs. Thompson (No. 4 seed)

Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa vs. Sparkman (No. 3 seed)
Auburn vs. Spain Park
James Clemens vs. Hoover
Southside-Gadsden vs. Vestavia Hills (No. 2 seed)

ROUND 1 (8 a.m.)
Oak Mountain vs. Southside-Gadsden (No. 1 seed)
Gulf Shores vs. Pinson Valley
East Limestone vs. Spain Park
Hewitt-Trussville vs. Hartselle (No. 4 seed)

Etowah vs. Sparkman (No. 3 seed)
Satsuma vs. Stanhope Elmore
Auburn vs. Grissom
Vestavia Hills vs. Thompson (No. 2 seed)

Thursday’s Results
(Traditional Bowling)
Hewitt-Trussville                            2,855
Vestavia Hills                                   2,797
Sparkman                                         2,770
Thompson                                        2,679
Buckhorn                                          2,651
Spain Park                                        2,630
Hoover                                              2,591
East Limestone                               2,531
Gadsden City                                   2,509
James Clemens                               2,483
Auburn                                              2,481
Stanhope Elmore                           2,448
Mary Montgomery                        2,437
Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa                      2,380
Southside-Gadsden                        2,356
Baker                                                 2,326

Southside-Gadsden                        2,599
Thompson                                        2,399
Sparkman                                         2,273
Hartselle                                           2,176
Spain Park                                        2,163
Stanhope Elmore                           2,146
Grissom                                            2,094
Pinson Valley                                   2,079
Gulf Shores                                      1,998
Auburn                                              1,979
Satsuma                                            1,936
East Limestone                               1,903
Hewitt-Trussville                            1,901
Etowah                                              1,897
Vestavia Hills                                   1,887
Oak Mountain                                 1,878

Cole Arsenault, Sparkman           710
Landon Masters, Thompson       672
Cole McCarty, Hewitt-Truss.       640
Jackson Stiles, Buckhorn              628
Jordan Faggard, Hewitt-Truss.    626
Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman             589
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside       562
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson              555
Ashlee Hull, Southside                  545
Jennifer Clontz, Southside           533

Team Leaders
Vestavia Hills                                   1,032
Hewitt-Trussville                            1,005
Thompson                                           965
Buckhorn                                             943
Auburn                                                 881
Individual Leaders
Cole Arsenault, Sparkman           268
Landon Masters, Thompson       267
Jacob Acker, Thompson               247
Kyle Wright, Hewitt-Trussville    237
Beau Reed, Vestavia Hills            236
Peyton Hughes, Buckhorn           236

Team Leaders
Spain Park                                        952
Gadsden City                                   869
Stanhope Elmore                           865
Sparkman                                         862
Hewitt-Trussville                            856
Individual Leaders
Cameron Copeland, Spain Park  235
Tyler Fanning, M.Montgomery   222
Carson Poe, Hillcrest                     219
Devin Dowdle, Spain Park            215
Mason Jones, St. Elmore              211

Team Leaders
Sparkman                                         1,031
Hewitt-Trussville                               994
Vestavia Hills                                      963
East Limestone                                  962
Hoover                                                 908 
Individual Leaders
Cole Arsenault, Sparkman           258
Jackson Stiles, Buckhorn              255
Cole McCarty, Hewitt-Truss.       223
Jordan Faggard, Hewitt-Truss.    223
Mason Jones, Stan. Elmore         222
Boris Lu, Vestavia Hill                    222    

Team Leaders
Southside-Gadsden                        860
Thompson                                        820
Stanhope Elmore                           748
Gulf Shores                                      701
Hartselle                                           700
Individual Leaders
Jillian Hulsey, Thompson              213
Grace Ann Clontz, Southside       201
Kacey Marshal, St. Elmore           197
Jessica Sherman, Thompson       192
Jennifer Clontz, Southside           190

Team Leaders
Southside-Gadsden                        857
Sparkman                                         775
Auburn                                              769
Hartselle                                           761
Spain Park                                        757    
Individual Leaders
Alexis Anderson, Spain Park        212
Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman             211
Jessica Clontz, Southside              196
Ashlee Hull, Southside                  188
Daylin Tolgo, Sparkman                184

Team Leaders
Southside-Gadsden                        882
Thompson                                        879
Grissom                                            824
Sparkman                                         797
Spain Park                                        774
Individual Leaders
Maggie Smith, Thompson            230    
Denisha Kendall, Grissom            228    
Nicole Gilbert, Sparkman             200
Ashlee Hull, Southside                  198
Taylor Key, Grissom                       184

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