Sunday, March 29, 2020

     The AHSAA Constitution and Bylaws are established by member schools through a legislative process, and your support and commitment to the proposal process is vital to ensure that more opportunities for student participation are provided. 

     Proposals may be submitted to the AHSAA office January 7 through February 7, 2020. To submit a proposal, go the AHSAA/C2C Members' Area and log in. Go to the green "Menu" tab in the upper left corner and select your school's name. Then select "Documents & Filing" and "Document Search." Once there, a list of forms and documents will appear in which you will find the form titled "Submit Proposal" (code PRO). Click on "Submit Proposal" and then the "Accept" tab on the bottom right of the Document Search box. 

     Enter/type in your school's proposal. Please be aware that proposals must include a rationale. When you are finished, please make sure the form has been signed/certified by the school principal then click "Save & Submit" in the lower right corner. This completes the process of submitting your school's proposal. (The principal must approve and sign all proposals. Proposals submitted without principal approval will be eliminated from the voting process.) 

     Member schools will have the opportunity to vote on all proposals February 10 through March 6, 2020. Place these dates on your calendar! Proposals will be viewable in C2C under "Active Polls." It is our goal and desire to have 100% of our member schools voting. There is power in your vote, so make sure your school casts a vote! 

     Please feel free to contact any AHSAA administrator if you have questions or need further information. 


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our student-athletes.