Summer Practice Rule

        Coaches are allowed to practice with their own students during the summer months (from the end of school until the starting practice date for fall sports) and use drills to teach skills. Mandatory practices are prohibited until the starting practice date for fall sports.

Weight training and conditioning programs are not restricted. It is the responsibility of each school to see that the Summer Practice Rule is not violated.

Summer Practice Competition.

1. A school may participate in four days of practice competition per sport during the time school is out until the first fall practice date (Aug. 3 in 2009). No interscholastic contest may be scheduled on Sunday without prior approval of the Central Board of Control. This includes summer play.

    NOTE: If a coach conducts more than four days of practice competition, he/she could be restricted from coaching that team the following school season.

2. Each student is allowed four days of practice competition per sport.

3. Coaches may coach their own school players in practice competition

4. Each day of practice competition in organized events (team camps, Sports Festival, etc.) will count toward the maximum four days allowed.

5. All practice competition and team camps sponsored by AHSAA-member schools must include only AHSAA-member schools or schools from other NFHS affiliated state associations. (All Team camps hosted by colleges and other outside organizations are excluded.)

6. Practice competitions between schools are deemed to be modified or practice contests under the jurisdiction of participating schools, therefore AHSAA-registered officials are not required and National Federation rules may not apply.

7. Each school should analyze the liability issues of its practice competition and act accordingly.

8. Admission may be charged to any practice competition under the direction of the school principal.

9. No practice competition involving coaches and players in grades 7-12 (including team camps) is allowed during All-Star Sports Week, a “dead week”.

10. Helmets and hand-held blocking pads are the only types of protective equipment that may be used in any football practice competition (includes team and individual camps).



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