T.R. Miller's Jamie Riggs wins his 300th career game. (photo by Corey Williams)
Lincoln High School Promotes Officiating Class
Theodore vs. Park Crossing Game (photo by Jeremy Sellers)
AHSAA Office Flags. (photo by AHSAA Staff)
2015 All-Star Volleyball Game (photo by Tom Ewart)
2015 Champions Challenge (photo by Tom Ewart)
Pelham's Mary Grace Strozier runs in the 2014 State Meet (photo by Josh Bean)
Jackson vs. St. Paul's Football Game (photo by Jeremy Sellers)
2015 North Volleyball All-Star Team (photo by Tom Ewart)
Seven OT Game Lawrence County vs East Lawrence (photo by JR Tidwell)
Jackson vs. St. Paul's Football Game (photo by Jeremy Sellers)
Jackson Olin vs. Pelham Football Game (photo by Bernard Troncale)
Theodore vs. Park Crossing Game (photo by Jeremy Sellers)
Opp vs. Brantley in regular season action. (photo by al.com)

Play Interruption Policy

Two-team contests:
Postponed contests must be re-scheduled on the next day unless the next round of the playoff is adversely affected. The failure of a team to participate would result in a forfeit.  Contest must be resolved before the next contest is played.

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Rules Updates

If your tournament is not listed on the www.ahsaa.com website, your school is not cleared by the AHSAA to participate in the tournament.


If you have a tournament listed on your schedule in any sport, the tournament must have all the participants listed and your principal must certify it before it becomes a sanctioned tournament.  If it is still purple on your schedule, it is not complete.


There are over 200 tournaments listed on the "to be sanctioned" list in C2C that do not have the required information.


•        If you are not hosting a tournament, please do not add it to your schedule.  Only host schools should add the tournament(s) to their schedules.  If you have added a tournament to your schedule and you are not the host school, please delete the tournament and have the host school add the tournament and list all the participants – this will add it back to your schedule.


•        If you have put a tournament on your schedule as host, please make sure that all the participants are listed. If you have not added your participants, go to your schedule, double click the tournament you need to edit, click on the participant tab and add your opponents one at a time by clicking add.


•        Finally, please make sure your principal has certified each tournament. If the principal has not certified your tournament, he/she must sign in to C2C with his/her login/password, go to certifications, competition certifications and certify the tournament.


Any tournament played without being sanctioned (participants added, principal certified) will result in a rule violation and an assessment of the applicable penalty.


Heat Timeouts: According to Rule 3-5-7g in the National Federation Rules Book, an official may grant a heat timeout anytime during the contest when it is warranted. As a matter of procedure, the AHSAA has instructed the Referee at each game to make this decision.

The AHSAA will mandate the heat timeouts being called during the first dead ball period after the six-minute mark in each of the four quarters. These mandated timeouts will be used during the first three weeks of the season that begins Aug. 21 or 22. Other administrative football rules click here.

                         Rules Updates & Clarifications

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