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Rules Clarifications And Updates  

RULE III: SECTION 21. CAMPS. Students may attend camps (for individuals)

provided they do so individually at their own expense.

Note: During the sports season, no activity is allowed in the same sport,

including but not limited to camps, tryouts, showcases, etc.,

regardless of who sponsors/conducts the event (please refer to

Outside Participation Rule).

During the school year when students attend camps as individuals,

the Fifty Percent Rule will be in effect for team play.

Note: During the school year coaches cannot coach his/her own students

outside the school season.

All individual and team camps sponsored by a school must be held

prior to the starting practice date for fall sports. All-Star Sports Week is a

“dead week” for team camps.

A high school coach may work at team and individual summer camps,

but coaching his/her own players in team competition would count as one

of the allowed four days of competition. (See Entire Rule

RULE I: SECTION 8. AMATEUR RULE. Only amateurs are eligible. An amateur

is one who does not use his/her knowledge of athletics or athletic skill

for gain. Amateur standing shall be further determined by the following


(a) A student is ineligible if he/she has received money as a prize, or has

sold a prize received in a contest, or has bet on a contest in which he/she

is a participant.

(b) Professionalism is defined as accepting remuneration, directly or

indirectly, for playing on athletic teams and in sports activities or for playing

under an assumed name.

(c) A student who accepts material or financial inducement from any

source is ineligible.

(d) No student shall receive more than actual expenses involved in travel

to and from a contest and necessary meals and lodging in the meantime.

A student shall not at any time receive any portion of a livelihood for

participation in athletics, other than actual expenses for any specific game.

1. A student cannot accept payment for loss of time or wages while

participating in athletics as part of expenses.

2. Reasonable meals, lodging and transportation may be accepted if

such are accepted in service rather than money or some material


3. Students playing on a non-home team which requires boarding

away from home by the week, etc., will be looked upon as violating

the professional rule if board is not paid by his family.

4. A team which plans to divide among its members any surplus either

during or at close of season shall be considered a professional


(e) No award of any kind having a monetary value of more than 50 dollars—

other than medals, trophies, plaques or AHSAA championship rings—shall

be made to students. Violation of this rule on the part of school officials

shall subject the school to suspension for one year. Acceptance of awards

exceeding these limitations shall disqualify a student. Cash awards or

merchandise for athletic performances or participation may not be given.

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